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To-Do List - Open Transparent for Inspiration and Fun - why not? Maybe there will be a good tip :-)

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

To-Do List done awhile ago, few good years (no date) in the traditional notebook and if you read my blog you will know that I rewrite all my old notes and share them to motivate, inspire, support and help and as well to keep to myself and to keep it digitally. :)

Double Nationality and Licenses

1. Irish Driving License ✅

2. International Diving License ✅

3. International Motorboat License ✅

4. Irish Nationality and Passport - Application in May 2019, April 2020 approval, March 2020 Ceremony in Kildare, County Kerry, August 2020 Passport ✅ 😊


2. Master of Arts in Design, 2021-2023 at Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Year 1 (2 semesters) completed well as planned, September 2021- June 2022 ✅

Year 2 (1 semester) in progress, September 2022 - January 2023 ⬆️

3. UX Design, UI Design, Voice UI Design, Frontend Development for Designers with Career Foundry in years between 2019-2021 all completed well as planned ✅

4. Digital Marketing Diploma completed well at Dublin Business School 2019-2020 ✅

5. Student Grand applied and received well - Spring Board for Digital Marketing ✅

6. Student Grand applied and received well - SUSI for Master of Arts, Design for Change, IADT ✅

7. Doctorate Studies - think, research, ask, apply

8. Psychology studies Master of Science or Doctorate Studies combine Design and Psychology - Robotics, Cyber etc. - think, research, ask, apply

9. Research DIT, DCU, UCD, Trinity Collage, NACD etc.

Own Business/Career Growth/Income/Professional Life Style

1. Establish Limited Company - completed well ✅

2. Get great contracts and growth within career and income by doing great design - ongoing well ✅

3. After pandemic come back to the teaching Yoga and Art&Design Courses - ⬆️ - most likely after Master of Arts. Do less. Focus more. My students are waiting. 😊

4. Focus on developing product - Produce the Products within the established Brand and Investors e.g. Dragon Den - ⬆️ - most likely in a few good years with my husband - think, research, ask and then act when ready. Do less. Focus more.

5. Have an Art Studio at home or rent out - completed well (chosen at home) ✅

6. Location Free - Remote Career - completed well ✅

7. Travel and work in motorhome / sailing boat - ongoing progress ⬆️

8. Transit from digital and graphic designer to UX/UI designer - completed well ✅

9. Become Consultant - Contractor, Senior, Senior Principle, Lead, Manager, Head of Design, Director - completed ongoing well ✅

10. Slowly reduce hours of being employee to bring more time, energy, creativity and commitment to my Hasnik Limited business - completed well ✅

11. Have a fantastic, bright, nature with an outstanding sea-mountain-green field open view - yoga studio with holistic room therapist facilities and artistic creative folklore atmosphere in a desirable location. When the right time come, then it will flow - ongoing progress, after completing studies ⬆️

12. Invest money, time, effort, energy, creativity then spend - completed & ongoing well ✅

13. Exhibit within my fine arts paintings around the world - completed & ongoing well ✅

14. Write and blog regularly - completed & ongoing well ✅

15. Review all artistic photos and upload - Katarzyna.Hasnik Instagram - to do 🔴

16. Book professional photo-session for yoga and upload - Katarzyna.Hasnik Instagram - to do 🔴

17. Engage regular doodling, sketching, drawings, paintings and upload - Katarzyna.Hasnik Instagram - to do 🔴

18. Complete reading rest of the book which I have and let go - completed & ongoing well ✅

19. Write all hard copy notes and let go - 1 notebook left - completed & ongoing well ✅

20. Read book by subject or genre - to do but take rest after all book left 🔴❌ 21. Become model/actress/extras for money and for trying/testing - completed well ✅

Social Media

1. Instagram - Clear out current accounts and establish well Instagram.

- Reduce the name to just Katarzyna.Hasnik for own fine arts, design and holistic.

- Add Holistic Yoga to Katarzyna.Hasnik - have a one account and do it well. Combining into one it is branding myself as persona. On hold. Do less. Focus more. ❎

- Advertise Hasnik Art & Design School - Fine Arts and Design when return to teach courses.

2. YouTube Open account, test, add brand banner - completed well ✅

Do I really want to be on YouTube as Mentor / Designer now? No.

When start, do it well. Weekly. Research. Analyse. Advertise. Commit to it and to my audience.

On hold. Do less. Focus more. ❎


1. Do few things before married personal and professional - open business, do master, exhibit with fine arts around the world, get few tattoos and more, get popular with art and design, establish recognition of the career and income few streams growth, beauty hair laser - feel so good 🦵🏻💋💄- all completed well ✅

2. Get Married only when fully loving valuable man with quality of character. Otherwise be with yourself. Dating in progress. Research part. 😅 🤵🏻‍♂️👰🏻‍♀️ ❤️ - ongoing progress ⬆️

3. Adopt Wolf-dog with my husband. Research part. 😅 🐺 ❤️ - ongoing progress ⬆️

4. Become a mother when married only when we both want, love, care and raise kids together with my husband and father of our children. Natural birth and truly wonderful pregnancy and newborns phase. We are biological parents, all worked out so well. Home schooling from toddlers to teenagers. Dating in progress. Research part. 😅 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ❤️ - ongoing progress ⬆️

5. Move together to our big, bright, specious house with an outstanding view of the landscape of ocean, mountains, green forests and fields and long sandy beaches and refreshing warm sunny weather with clear dark sky full of stars. Research part. 😅 🏡⛰🏝🗾🏞🌅🌲🌳🌴🌞🌊❤️🌝🌚⭐️ - Going forward, ongoing progress ⬆️

6. Enjoy indoor and outdoor plants and gardening 🪴🌱 - ongoing progress ⬆️

7. Travel more in Europe and EuroAsia 🌍 - for relax with remote free location work - completed & ongoing well ⬆️ ✅

8. Travel together more outside of Europe 🌎🌏 - ongoing progress ⬆️

9. Take winter holiday together and re-learn snowboard 🏂⛷🎿 - to book and go 🔴

10. Enjoy road trips, sailing and flying ⛵️🚤🛥🚁 with my husband - Going forward, ongoing progress ⬆️

11. Care and Love Coolio - 🐈‍⬛❤️ - never ends ✅

12. Get all my and my granny's, mum's and family photos - completed & ongoing, in progress ⬆️ ✅

13. Play more chest - started & ongoing well ✅

14. Sign up for Gymnastic, Social Dancing - to book and go 🔴

15. Gym and swimming - started & ongoing well ✅

16. Loose weight to 50kg - completed & ongoing well, and in progress ✅

17. Beauty - nails, hair, face, body care regular - self time - ✅

18. Drive a jeep - ✅

19. Horse riding - ✅

20. Rollerblades - completed & ongoing well, and in progress ✅ - do it regularly outdoor 🔴

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