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When colleagues complain about Irish weather, I tell them this...

Glory to Rain - Thoughts especially to all foreigners - if you do not like rain, do not live in Ireland, back where you came from. Moaning and complaining about the weather is unaccepted so do not do it if you are my colleague.I am a sailor, and sailors sail across any weather condition, so you should do it at least during office hours. Otherwise, I will eat you alive. :D

Glory to Rain

The rain is beautiful.

Indeed beautiful.

When I think about rain I hear the whisper of the muse of which clothes, get wet from his salty tears. From where do those tears come from, she asks herself surprisingly unknowing what is going on?

Rain is poetic, romantic, and mysterious, although not as mysterious as the siblings, the fog, the mist, and the dark night, the dusk and dawn.

Rain is a male muse, at least in my world.

My rain is masculine and deeply touches his emotions when allowed to come out with the strength of release.

His present brings nostalgia but if you allow him to gently touch you, you will experience refreshing awakening from all the life heavy weight lifting.

Sadness and Happiness Tears.

Tear apart the tired eyes of the endless sky.

And Let in and out. The rain is beautiful.

He is indeed wonderfully handsome.

He has long, pale blond hair, almost transparent in the light of a nervous flash of light.

He is real.

The rain is beautiful. Poetic. Romantic. Mysterious. Refreshing. Cleaning the entire ecosystem. So helpful and practical.

Have you ever danced in the rain, or do anything romantic? A touch, a kiss, a love.

I love rain.

Rain under the waterfall. Rain while hiking. Rain on the top of the mountain with lightning shouting "truth or dare".

Soaking no matter of gears, finish with a deep kiss.

Rain on the lake on the boat.

Rain at the closed train station while waiting and being totally soaked.

Rain on the horse while riding through the forest.

Swimming in the rain feels so good.

So alive.

Water from the sky and in the ocean. Merge together as one.

Street shining in a rainbow on a downpour evening. This reflection is magic to me. Not to you? Sad that you can not see anything at all. Well, your child is gone. You need to be reminded to see it, otherwise, the default message pre-recorder by thousand plays over and over again every morning, afternoon and evening when you see sunshowers. Why do people complain? Is this the code implemented in their psyche that they cannot escape? Maybe they do not hear it all. As the default breath takes their conscious so do the complaints. But how grateful I am, their moaning awake a little poet in me.

I shout " Glory to Rain,

there will be no adventure to take you by train

if you do not allow being drenched, so feel the existential pain.

So let it be,

to see,

us in us.

Rain is just spitting on you to awake you from a lasting dream. Is it a nightmare of cosy fur?

Come come to the hole,

become whole."

And let's not forget, the most fun, jumping across the puddles while walking with dogs.

Oh, how they adore the rain? He is their dear friend.

The cuddling wet cat who just came back from hunting in the rain. His moustache is sharp as a needle after the rain.

Glory to Rain, Ahoy! The bright sky will be soon with no more pain, shouting sailors.

When you sail and it is raining, it is so incredibly difficult but so rewarding, must lush strong to get a prize for that.

I listen rain this morning and it was so peaceful. It was trying to rain and then drizzle gently.

Later the bird came and was singing "Glory to Rain".

Autumn is full of colours of so many shades and tones of orange, yellow, red, brown...

With the dark mysterious, quite dangerous looking sky full of heavy, almost black clouds, coming closer and closer to get you.

But then the moon, oh yes, also I looked at the moon today.

The moon behind all those streams of tears, even behind those heavy clothes made of steam, still, makes his appearance regardless of what and the tired sky follows his bright light across the entire line straight to the sun. Moon even behind the clouds still makes the sky brighter and brighter until instead of drops of rain you can see flashing symbols. The Matrix is updating. Rain indeed is a green code which can be only seen as green if you allow the white rabbit to be on your neck, shoulder blade or arm. Wiggling his soft fluffy tail, he whispers "Glory to Rain, Glory to Awakening".

Since Matrix -> Rain = Green Code. And indeed Matrix is breaking while meditating.

P.S.: Grateful to my past male four colleagues who moan about the weather non-stop, especially those in county Clair and Galway. Thank you. I hit the jackpot because of you. Good Luck with Mackintosh Coats and within appreciation to Life.

That's how you "eat alive" those who moan and complain on the hump day - Wednesday.

You eat other designers with endless creativity and you shift the entire vibe on Teams by just becoming poetic. Indeed, they all shout up and we start to design with a right, positive mood instead: "Oh it is again raining, what is wrong with this Irish weather...bla bla bla - boring dudes." :D No hard feelings but the worst people on the planet are the ones who complain about something that they cannot change. Is this a sign of being so captured on Matrix or it is a sign of insanity that there is no ability to see the difference between what you can change and what you cannot and you simply have to accept it? Plus men who complain about rain, are not sexy. Ouch, that's sexism. So, be it.

Creative Thinking inspiration was proposed and it was approached. Well, point for me for poem and motivation to start designing instead of moaning.

Make animation lads in Adobe After Effects of the rain or a simple drawing in Photoshop or even few wireframes weather app in Figma, Sketch or AdobeXD or just doodle and see what comes after with a Pen&Paper...well, I bit them with the above poem and creative approach. And I felt super-woman. Trinity breaks the code again. Btw, they indeed love the poem, especially the touch, kiss and love in the rain...Hahaha. Lots of love hearts in Teams and lots of comments and even extra team call. So if you are in my team - do not complain about Irish weather as I will eat you alive with another Glory To Rain Poem.

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