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Where and why to sell/give away unwanted, unused but still good stuff including tech equipment?

The answer is simple. If you do not use it, let it go. Someone else will do. Let it flow and receive the better if wanted and needed. There is no need that your house, office, living room or ethic will be full of unnecessary clutter. If you planning to open a café with a niche deco, why not, or if you plan to have a museum but if not, let it go. Serve others by serving yourself and your space. Home regardless of how big or small is not a storage place. If something has. significant meaning that time keeps it but if EVERYTHING has a significant meaning and you cannot let it go, there is a warning that you are a holder, and there is one way to go, that one day you might actually require proper help. So why not let go now and start fresh with specious space? Do it regularly to avoid clutter. Once a year is a bare minimum.

Tips for recycling reusing reselling tech waste environment by Katarzyna Hasnik Hasnik Limited Company Founder Owner CEO Mentor and Tutor Creative Director Head of Research and Design Senior Lead UX and UI Designer

When comes to technological equipment, I suggest keeping only what you actually do know that is working, functional and it is in constant use, including USB cables, chargers, mouses, keyboards, headphones etc. Do you have this draw or box full of "STUFF" outdated, unused, kept forever and ever? If yes, time to get rid of it means letting go. DO NOT THROW OUT TO BIN. Check if working and give it away to those who need it or to a local electric shop which does have to recycle hub centre. It will make you FEEL FRESH and relief somehow. You will see it! Start small, bit by bit and look at this empty box or draw, or a corner or space behind the desk or door.

To have brilliant ideas in UX and UI, Visual Communication Design, or any other ideas, professional or hobbyist at least your working dedicated area should be clean, spotless, and empty with something here and there to inspire. Not overwhelmed.

Maximalism vs minimalism is not only a home deco but everything surrounding you from items in the fridge to the wardrobe. We are different folks so some of us feel better in a room where lots of things are here and there and which indeed might create a stunning composition but the workplace is a workplace so overdoing around your desk is overdoing usually in the wireframes too.


Plus when comes to remote work, none needs to hide the fake and usually nature or minimal interior design background because it is not a shame to invite others to their space. Off course, not everyone wants to invite others from other aspects but most of the time is cluttered and messy, with no specific dedicated space to work which prevents showing the space behind the back to workmates.

Well, why not give a fresh start and clean a bit and feel relaxed not only for the remote guest but for yourself mostly? This will boost the projects. KISS - Keep it stupid and simple just like with the strategy of the design. It doe snot have to be suddenly updated to modern trends and the fashion of decoration but keeping it clean and clear is good enough.

Tips for recycling reusing reselling tech waste environment by Katarzyna Hasnik Hasnik Limited Company Founder Owner CEO Mentor and Tutor Creative Director Head of Research and Design Senior Lead UX and UI Designer

I am not a big expert in selling stuff online (but I know it is worth to do so) as I only sold actually professional cameras long ago as decided to drop photography when the smartphone started to be used for taking pictures of literally everything. The photography became a bit overdone in my taste and I decide to focus on Fine Arts, canvas, and paintings in oil and acrylics. So far so good. Although I miss photo exhibitions, and prints and generally take shoots mostly B&W of people and places, report type of photos of life, or in-studio prearranged before, all mostly artistic with few travelling shoots being paid off. That time I sold Nikon 50 and Fuji and all additional Hoya filters, lenses, and lamps. Gave a few stuff to a few mates who were into photography. But I am defiantly a giver to charities of everything that I do not use from clothes, shoes, snowboarding, horse riding, sport professional gear, jewellery, pictures, frames, paintings, and all kinds of items including kitchen stuff and obviously tech.

The idea of giving speaks to me highly and I do it regularly, once a month or at least a few times a year.

Oh, I remember I sold as well the bike, the one which you can fold, within small wheels, which I actually got from a mate/sailor when he was moving away.

I do not generally buy a lot, mostly what is needed and practical, as I have a minimalistic lifestyle, minimalist toward everything not only home, deco and personal life but as well to people. Hahaha! But of course not always what I buy has long-term use. There might be no proper thinking mode and run by a tiny temptation or quality is not as should be, but there was a limited choice and rushing was done even not supposed to be.

The older I get the less I buy, need, and want and the more and more consciously I make decisions and the pickier I am, which I love.

And I love the space. Yes, empty space indeed. I used to be a collector when I was in primary school, and a bit rough secondary school. But because I was in a boarding school with limited space shared with few roommates through 5 years of my school, while at the same time stepping into philosophies, ancient and modern, and various theological concepts not excluding the path of life followed by Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity sacrifice, and Hinduism, minimalistic life started to appeal to me in sense of externals that time. More and more is actually internal too, but I am not there yet and this post is about external indeed when less are external surroundings fewer distractions and more spaces ins naturally implemented in the internal. The space of the home, reflects the space in your head and heart, in the spirit. When the space is there there is a chance, not necessarily doe happen, but it is a bigger chance to open for new. Plus definitely, the sentimentalism was somehow finished.

Moving abroad from as 19-20 years old straight after graduation and passing universities for 2 years, and seeing how others do live within minimum although the warm and cosy homes were another addition to life-long choices.

I have no memorials, and if I buy something now when I am abroad it is usually practical, a piece of cloth for example which I indeed do need. Ass a recent dress from Albania, when I was not planning to stay there but I indeed did and left my baggage in Montenegro so well, the souvenirs is a beautiful cotton dress typical for Albanian regional folklore patterns, summer 2022.

The same applies to tech stuff. I buy after proper research and comparison. I invest a lot in using it for many years and I am satisfied fully when not come back to the question of the post, I give away or sell it.

It will make you FEEL FRESH and relief somehow. You will see it! Start small, bit by bit and look at this empty box or draw, or a corner or space behind the desk or door.

In the International Market, of course, we have eBay, and amazon to sell, and trade but in the Irish Market, the few below website will be the most that folks do use for the purpose of giving away for free or selling plus any kind of charities in the city or town. In Poland on the top of eBay, amazon will be allegro. I am sure there are plenty more but I am not an expert, just a thinker and I see sometimes how people feel awkward when they have a video call and suddenly the background images are gone and they surrender by STUFF. So always I write from a thinking mode about those experiences and unnecessary attention driving away multiple explanations. This does not seem good for the projects either. When later UX/UI/Coding Development/Project Management or whiteboard co-creation takes place and we do experience clutter unwilling to be removed, cleaned and clarify, the obvious reason is why. So clean your desk, space around, room, house, attack as well as clean your desktop, folders, browser, phone, to co-create with your relatives, yourself and workmate better.

As your home, so your life and so your work.

Additionally, recycle electronics hubs are usually in shops as (Dublin Location, research, ask in your own area):

Curry PC World

Select - Apple Stores (previous Compu B)

That's all for now. Cheers.

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