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Why did I move to Ireland? Pros and cons.

Coming back to answer a good question. 😊 Why did I move to Ireland? It will be short quick stream of thoughts.

Why to move to Ireland? Pros and Cons of moving to Ireland.

Why: lifestyle: sea, ocean, landscape, small mountains/hills beside Dublin, always green grass, easy weather, warmer and colder season, no extreme, sailing, Dublin is only one of few capitals in Europe to have access to the sea. No big massive buildings, much more town-type vibe.

Stunning long sandy beaches are reachable by foot, bike or car/public transport from downtown, Celtic folklore, cheerful people, and a cosmopolitan city with the vibe of immigration as the Irish immigrated a lot and still do themselves.

Less bureaucracy, easiness, chill. Free education or low cost - recently Master of Arts in Design for Change at IADT, 2023). English-speaking country. Good music.

Not good tomatoes, or generally a lot of imported veggies and fruits. Not so much national parks as we have in Continental Europe or Greta Britain as teres were chopped, and wolves were killed. However, they try to bring them back.

Stunning coastline from each side. Wild Atlantic Way. Cliffs, caves, mountains at the sea, Burren - landscape as on the moon, beaches long and wild, hidden, sandy and with stones.

Water sports - any kind. Horse riding, you name it.

After living in a few places in Poland, Holland, Belgium and the UK, I had the feeling that I would be living in Ireland for longer while being on holiday still living in Belgium. After completing my Bachelor's Honours in Poland, I quit work, moved to the UK, still travel a lot with work, freelance and do college over there (some courses etc.) I travelled a lot to Ireland while doing a yoga teaching course with one of my teenage friends as it was better than in London.

So eventually after a long summer in Thailand - backpacking/hitchhiking etc. I sort of personal and professional stuff and moved to Dublin and finally be able to do things slowly and completely.

However after almost 13 years, since 2010 September I feel it might be another country but let's see. Trying to learn French because of that. Who knows, maybe it will be Sweden. 😄

It is an island so only limited people, always fresh air, no too much of a crowd even in the capital. It is not packed as EU. Landscape of emptiness but not as empty as Iceland.

It is much more sunny and warmer than the opinion about Irish weather even by the Irish.


It is dirty, Dublin has limited urban planning which is so bad that makes Dublin look random, unplanned, cluttered and people litter (all nationalities and ages), lots of heroin and even worse addictions, no prevention actually, and lots of people who do not care. Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of all nationalities coming here only to save money and complain who do not adapt or are willing to embrace Ireland. I will buy them a ticket even now to send them back so they can complain about their own home country. Hahaha!

As always pros and cons. Life.

Cheers, Slán in Irish,


Why to move to Ireland? Pros and Cons of moving to Ireland.

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