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Why I am UX/UI Mentor?

Updated: May 15, 2021

I am passionate about inspiring, encouraging, motivating and helping others to achieve their career goals by providing excellent trustworthy support and valuable caring help to all Mentees.

I have natural soft skills and excellent work experience in the design industry including leadership, career advice, interview techniques, portfolio review. I enjoy working with my Mentees due to my high-quality communication skills. Understanding and meeting my mentees individual mentoring expectations by applying the strategic holistic agile approach and growth design mindset brings a professional fulfilment. Being able to help while using various techniques from video calls, engaging in Mentee's career progress, providing effective day to day tasks plan is my ultimate goal. I like to support them in uplifting their confidence and self-esteem. I believe that providing professional, constructive and encouraging feedback and work closely with a mentor is the path to long-term career success. I like to share my hard skills, software knowledge and technology industry with others. Mentee's needs and preferences are important to me as I am me career-driven UX/UI Designer. I like to help my mentees to achieve their highest quality projects portfolios while at the same preparing them for the job application process. I apply positive mentoring methods and principles to create a friendly environment. It is important to me as UX/UI Design Mentor to meet their full satisfaction and to support them in reaching their creative UX/UI Designer potential. Good and growth design with strategic problem solving is the mutual and ultimate goal. C-operating with Mentees towards their success is a valuable professional experience as

The Success of my Mentees is my success as well. Win=Win!

I love to help others based on my professional experience, share and provide the advice which they are looking for. I am grateful for what I achieve and I like that others will also achieve their success in UX/UI Design. I am always looking forward to meeting and work with a new Mentee, which makes me always excited and happy as I do like to work directly with people using a variety of digital tools from simple chat to virtual meetings. Being a good Mentor is a crucial step for many Designers. #career #jobhunt #uxdesigner #uidesigner #careermotivation #careermentor #uxuidesign #uxuimentor #designmentor

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