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Designer Notes - My Notes

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Why keep notes private if they can help someone else out there is a SPACE called Planet Earth. Below few random notes from the A3 paper format written when brainstorming on my piece of portfolio for Entrepreneur Café. It is just a few lines of text, but I do not want to loos it or keep it in note apps or email or on paper. I am getting free from all of it.

My Blog and My Brain and My Calendar.

No more to-do-list on paper or digitally. No more notes in sticky notes paper and digital.

Simple if my brain doesn't remember it, means it is unimportant. If not in my calendar means I do not have to attend, call, write an email etc. and if my thoughts are not in my blog, means there is no need to have them anywhere else.


Drawing - Types:

To do more angles, extra few angles.

More artistic illustration than standard digital commonly used.

Playing with colours.

Add fabrics/textiles if I want to add printed elements/photos.

Door - proposed to stakeholders

the reflecting door - a mirror to max space.

Reflecting drawings.

Create a door as a frame with golden - antique.

In presentation:

Separate the cards or the same card within passepartout frame - the mount.

Description of project (standard business, sales, UX, CX, OKRs etc.)

Include the Story Telling 6-9 Storyboarding, you are good at it.

Drawings on the left.

On the right - are samples of interior inspirations.

Door - frame - mirror - deco + furniture.

Samples of stairs, elements, pictures themselves, roasting coffee, grotesque counter, artistic modern with niche style with antique touch interior design.

Interior Design - a bit fun with artistic vintage palette of colours plus minimal Chess black & white or dark wood-brown.

Architectural Technical Drawings - in black, with chalk, or thin/bold fine-liner. Measurements: flat: upper and lower floor current, side: upper, lower and one side and both floors, side by side, from other side, internal and external.


Research: how to incorporate the steam punk antiques into digital minds design.

For example before researching: combination of old clocks form various eras and their components in frames of TV/Cinema/Computer screens or gold frames, glass houses rounded jars, laboratories, black and white photos of people from the beginning of photography with modern devices etc.

The Order 1886 - twists dates in calendars displayed in frames or print.

Steampunk games in combination with XVIII, XIX, XX, XXI centuries and corresponding technologies and vehicles especially bicycles (to fit in a space as a seat), train seats, airplanes seats, jets, 1st airplanes photographs and the map of their journey.

Lighting: Edison/Tesla bulbs.

Light from screens.

Have a fun. Back to Past, Be present in Present and Fly to Future.

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