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Digital Nomad. All travel countries' destinations so far. The wish list always expands. Never ends.

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

And that's the beauty of Location Free Remote Career Life Style.

Location Free = Remote Life & Career (master studies and work) became REALITY - Dreams do come True!

This blog is considered as a diary list of past visited countries, approximately how many times and for how long since the beginning of my life.

My goal was never how many, but how long in 1 destination to really dive into the culture, memorised smell, taste, touch, sound and view, meet various people and do listen to them, locals and travellers, with attention and curiosity.

Follow random feelings which were indicated by the symbol, sign, person, corner of the view, smell, flower, cat, dog, poster...

No map, no GPS, to find something just ask others.

That's how I travel most of the time.

I create this list to come back to certain countries and explore new ones. It is my little memorial of memories without specifics just a simple list. And because of the free location remote career including my master studies and work with clients I can do it 365 days if I wish to, however, Ireland, Dublin and Dublin Bay are somehow always calling me to come back, as my truly chosen home. The Home, my base is important to have. To reflect, rest, paint my paintings, sit at the huge desk with huge monitors, appreciate adventures and create new ones. I love you Ireland.

I was always Digital Nomad even before I knew this expression. Starting with holidays inside the mum's womb and multiple hitchhiking adventures since teenage hood.

With Wi-Fi it is possible, and with a career in UX/UI Design is even more possible. I am truly grateful for those people who invited everything that makes this possible. Thank you. You are all Geniuses. Countries where I used to live and live now:

Sometimes I did remote work and studies already that time, but let's not go into details. It is an approximate time.

Poland 1983-1998 Dąbrowa Górnicza

Poland 1998-2003 Zakopane

Holland 2003-2004 - more than a year, two places, Oudewater, Gouda, Utrecht and the countryside nearby Amsterdam

Belgium 2005 - couple of months - French Part, Petite Somme, Durbuy, the countryside nearby Liège

Poland 2005-2008 Łódź

Poland 2008-2009 Olszówka the countryside nearby Rabka Zdrój

United Kingdom 2009-2010 Saint Albans, next to London

Ireland 2010- till present Dublin (south, north, west, east)

Starting visited countries from the most recent:

Summer 2022 (not necessary in the exact order)

Poland Silesia, local cities and towns and Małopolska (Lesser Poland), spent a week and again few days in the modernised Katowice, which indeed changed a lot and after a few weeks, more than two or three in total just in Kraków working remotely in the heart of the most amazing city in Poland and on the Earth while visiting not just family but incredible places as Wieliczka, and indeed touching deeply Auschwitz, and the pretty old town of Oświęcim.

Georgia - a travel trip well organised for 8 days in total across Kaukaz Mountain and the Black Sea

Balkans Countries approx less than a month driving the entire coast and as well the midland of Montenegro and the countries beside: Albania


Croatia - just in the heart of Dubrovnik for 12 days or more.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Below are my previous travels as a kid, teen, young adult, and more mature adult, working and studying remotely without specific years. Just a simple list. For now.


Ukraine - few weeks, long time ago ✅

Poland - off course entire east, west, south and north ✅

Albania - once for now on :), by 🚘 ✅

Montenegro - almost 2 weeks, by 🚘 ✅

Croatia - multiple times and destinations, by 🚘 ✅

Bosnia and Herzegovina - once for now on :) ✅

Czech Republic (Czechia) - multiple times and destinations ✅

Slovakia - multiple times and destinations ✅

Austria - multiple times and destinations ✅

Holland - holidays first and after that moving in ✅

Belgium - holidays first and after that moving in ✅

France - multiple times and destinations ✅

Monaco - twice ✅

Spain - multiple times and destinations, and by ⛵️ (sailing 2012 North Spain to Ireland) ✅

Andorra - twice ✅

Germany - multiple times and destinations, by 🚘 ✅

Liechtenstein - once for now on, by 🚘 ✅

Switzerland - multiple times and destinations, by 🚘 ✅

Italy - multiple times and destinations including Sicily ✅

San Marino - twice ✅

Greece - multiple times and destinations, land and islands including Crete, by 🚘 ✅

Portugal - multiple times and destinations ✅

Denmark - once for now on :) ✅

Cyprus - once for now on :), both parts, by 🚘 ✅

Malta - mostly island Gozo, by 🚘 ✅

Romania - mountains and Black Sea, by 🚘 ✅

Iceland - 2 weeks, including islands, by 🚘 - solo brave trip (most of my trips were solo, but this one is worth highlighting) ✅

Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England (Great Britain, United Kingdom) - multiple times and destinations, a bit by 🏍 and a lot by 🚘 and as well few times by ⛵️ (sailing to Scotland from Northern Ireland and off course from Ireland) ✅

Ireland - holidays first and after that moving in, well here I did my official legal driving licence 🚘 and by ⛵️ (sailing Ireland since 2010) ✅

Georgia - once for now on :) Europe-Asia boarder/intersection ✅


Turkey - once for almost 3 weeks (just a small portion of Turkey is in continent of Europe and much bigger in Asia, so to make it simple, Turkey is in Asia) ✅

India - a stop to get to Thailand, a half of the day tasted as millions days...😁 ✅

Thailand - a month or more, east, west, north, south, islands and in the mountains by 🏍 ✅


Egypt - once, almost 3 weeks ✅ Morocco - almost one and half month ✅

North American

Cuba - almost a month, as well by old school 🚘 ✅

Is this all? Hmm, I have to look at the map, but now, it is time to save it and dream about the next destination, 🥰 and well I am hungry, time to eat.

Destinations to Go!

Now it is time to list the travels which come sooner than later.


  • Turkey - Cappadocia - mountain air balloon travel

  • Greek Islands - Kefalonia (recommended by my childhood - teenage hood dear dentist ✝️)

First few places to check out: (traveling, organized trips recommended by ex-colleague, Joanna)

Tuscany, Madeira etc. - Rainbow - all kinds of tours, holidays across the world - I do recommend it even if I had been with them just once so far in Georgia. and recommended by ex-colleague, Kristine) - Kilimajaro (recommended by mates Magdalena, Cormac, Linda)

To travel with my man is joy and fun, sporty, active and relaxed, outdoor and nature, knowledgeable, open-minded, cultural, conversations, sexy and pampering, romantic, posh, yacht and hotels and freestyle, free spirit, sleep under the sky, no planning, spontaneous, fine dining and arty, swimming, with and without kids, rest and love, appreciation and gratitude to the world, possibilities, nature, differences, diversity, each other, financial, healthy, wellness abundance, to love to each other, life and to God, Universe, Nature, Cosmos, Earth, People. It is peaceful, calm and safe and adventurous.

  • Greenland - Sailing and Road Trip

  • Iceland - Hiking Hvannadalshnjúkur glacier 2110 m - 6900 feet - summer time and winter time - Northern Lights

  • Kenya and Tanzania - Kilimanjaro, Victoria Lake, Safari, Ocean & Villages

  • Norway - Road Trip and Sailing, Fjords, Sea, Hiking, North Pole, Oslo, villages and Towns

  • Scotland - hiking to Ben Nevis, all the way to the edge by car, road trip and sailing around the top of islands

  • United Kingdom - Isle of Man

  • Greece - sailing around islands, Rhodos, and smallest islands

  • Canary Islands - Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote - Sailing and short road trips

  • Ibisa, Majorca - sailing around

  • Azor Islands - fly or sail

  • Denmark, Sweden - road trip - Bog Mumes

  • France - North France, Perigord - town, Ancient Cave Painting (replica), Alps, Road Trip

  • New Zealand, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Australia - year break - remote work - digital nomads

  • France, Austria, Italy - Alps, snowboard

  • Italy - Dolomites, Pompey, the boot of Italy, the edge

  • South America - 6 months - 1 year to learn Spanish after being advance/fluent in French

  • India, Nepal, Goa

and so on 🥳🤩😍🌏🌍🌎

List from ex-teammate, Lee worth saving to be inspire!

🟡 Good for weekend

🟤 Good for holidays

🟠 Good for a day trip

🟢 Nearly all of Ireland ✅ (Good for Live)

🟡 Edinburgh ✅ (twice or three times)

🟡 Manchester ✅

🟡 Birmingham

🟡 Liverpool ✅

🟡 London ✅

🟤 Wales (most places) ✅

🟡 Cardiff ✅

🟤 Porto ✅

🟤 Faro ✅

🟠 Gibraltar

🟤 Malaga ✅

🟤 Marbella

🟤 Barcelona ✅ (twice or three times)

🟤 Nice ✅

🟤 Monaco ✅ (twice)

🟡 Brussels ✅ (multiply times)

🟡 Paris ✅

🟠 Caen

🟠 Angres

🟠 Nantes

🟠 Le Mans

🟤 Mallorca

🟤 Ibiza

🟠 Algiers

🟡 Mulan

🟡 Verona

🟡 Venice ✅ (twice)

🟡 Prague ✅

🟤 Crete ✅

🟤 Cyprus ✅

🟤 Abu Dhabi

🟤 Turkey ✅

🟤 Dubai

🟤 New York City

🟤 Las Vegas

🟤 Cancún

🟤 Tenerife

🟤 Gran Canary

🟤 Lanzarote

🟤 Bulgaria - Sunny Beach

🟤 Benalmádena

🟤 Torremolinos

🟤 Lake Garda

And so one Mr Lee - Thank you for great Inspiration!

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