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Free outstanding vector illustrations for UI Designers & Visual Designers

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

I came across those amazing websites and I would like to share with you All and also saved for my own references.

I might one day search for more websites like this one, which I discovered recently or finally, as the best scenario, start to create own illustrations. That's the dream, which becomes reality very soon.

At the moment, for last years, I paint mostly quite big sizes paintings in oils and acrylics, occasionally watercolours in various styles from surrealistic, figurative, symbolic abstracts (my true Artist calling) to portraits or landscapes, mostly for preorders .

I work on canvas with size as 150 cm x 150 cm or less.

Going Digital is a big shift!

Having professional Artistic Scanner Canon and also often visiting The Copper House, where I do scan professionally paintings is a good solution, although I am really looking forward to go fully digital or working parallelly with mediums on the handmade paper and vector graphics with variety of brushes in Sketch Book Pro or Photoshop directly on iPad Pro.

Yes, Wacum as per one of many blog posts, which I have read multiply times on Medium or any other websites or YouTube videos and my own previous experiences, as much as I did love Wacum, this time I go straight to iPad as it is more mobile and in my User Experience more friendly with the highest precision and the tangible feeling and look.


As UI Designer, I feel the calling for digital illustrations...and I like that feeling.

Let it grow slowly like long lasting love to your partner, the one which you have been waiting for a long time, or maybe not that long, as time is just a perception.


My Designer' aim is to swap from manual drawings and paintings to digital only or maybe combine both.

My Illustrator's goal is to create more unique, abstract, more artistic illustrations, than standard graphical, quiet average, which are commonly created by many.

Even I do appreciate them and I do use them as UI Designer, I feel there is a need for something indeed different, more arty than graphical.

Let the DESIRE grow gradually and bloom in the right time.

And now it is time to share the websites and with few amazing free to use illustrations for your User Interface and Visual Design Projects.

Work-ethic applies = Promote those illustrators whenever you implement their artworks into your projects.

Appreciation and recognition matters.

Enjoy making outstanding Designs for your Users, for us together with your creative teams!

New Free Resources:

or directly find what you looking for on Instagram and contact Talented Artists, Illustrators and Designers. Here is Lea Pardal:

Why Unique Illustrations are better? Why do "Corporate Art styles" Feel Fake? - have a look on YouTube

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Doodle what matters

Sketch what matters

Draw what matters

Illustrate what matters

Paint what matters

Design what matters

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