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Simple illustration clarify the difference between Good Leaders vs Bad Bosses.

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The simple Illustration speaks itself. I found it on LinkedIn together with others. Unfortunately none knows who illustrated this common misconception so well, so clever and so clear. If you find the Illustrator's name, please let me know.

What a big difference is to have a leader versus a boss. Gratitude to All. Because Life is all about learning, choosing and making through it well, regardless of what and who.

Life is not rosy all the time. So be ready for adventurous ride.

Be aware. Be strong. Be wise. Be able to let go. Be respectful to yourself and others even those with who you might not share the same approach or values.

It is always about Win-Win.

Not win-lose or lose-lose. Please remember this. I do my best to remember.

It is always, regardless of what, to learn from each other and find the best solution for all.

Not about the punishment of the bad attitude but about the appropriate conclusion of negative behaviour. Not about pointing issues but about finding solutions.

We are all born under certain circumstances and those circumstances are not explanations but quite often a cause even in adulthood.

Always look for the bright side of life. If too cloudly and no umbrella is supported the positive change, better to take a step out from the rainy cloud and go to the sunshine place, where you will appreciate the good weather, good humour, good moods, and good atmosphere.

Life is way too short to struggle for those who are not able or even want to make a good change for themselves and others.

"Remember to Remember." Michael Bernard Beckwith

We all know this one:

"What doesn't kill you, make you stronger and wiser."

Enjoy the challenge. Life always was and always will be challenging. In a good way.

Work what matters

Do what matters

Design what matters

Code what matters

Lead what matters

Manage what matters

Direct what matters

Execute what matters

Collaborate what matters

Co-create what matters

Cooperate what matters

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