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Notes from: Converting Pantones to CMYK

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Short Notes from Adobe Illustrator


Colour Page

1. Check with the library specification info for each product.

2. Adjust separation when necessary.


Library in Swatches Panel.

1. Colour Books.

2. Pantone CMYK EC Colour Bridge.

3. Make dummy objectives.

4. Look for Pantones with EC. The same number within the sample, then select dummy object will change o chosen CMYK. e.g. Pantone 727EC (within EC).

5. Change all to CMYK.

6. Block all layers.

7. Marge Pantone XXXC with a new CMYK.

8. Block all layers.

9. Marge Pantone XXXC with new CMYK Pantone XXXEC.

10. Write in Legend.

11. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.

12. Not Pantone XXXEC.

13. Delete dummy objects.

14. Delete all unused Pantones if they do not merge before.

15. Check colour separation Pantone XXXC - previous shouldn't exist in work projects.

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