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Ready to hire: Personal Social Media Digital Marketing Assistant.

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

What does Hasnik Limited expect and what does it give? This time is coming and I can feel it in my bone marrow. No rush although, the right time, right space, and the right order with the right person come naturally. When the company is established and grows, the next step is to offer work and career positions to focus on the major and let the minor tasks be handled by an assistant. Part-time, full-time or paid internship.

Digital Social Media Marketing Assistant position at Hasnik Limited Company Founder Owner CEO Katarzyna Hasnik, Mentor and Tutor, Creative Director, Head of Research and Design, Senior Lead UX and UI Designer

Positive Aspects of New Marketing Assistant with Social Media and Digital Design skills.

I have myself qualifications and work experience in Digital Marketing and Social Media which is always good to know what to expect and what can be done. Not always necessary but good if you have one.

The below notes will need to be verified and evaluated by myself when comes to hiring, and when the job position will be created. Certain points might be removed, changed or reduced but at the same time I want to share and keep what first came to my mind to have a good start and treat it as the foundation for the upcoming.

Let's start:

- previous experiences welcome but not necessary: e.g. marketing/advertising agency, graphic design experiences, social media digital marketing experiences in department or desire to have

- relevant education necessary and proof of self-though, put in practice

- the ability to adapt to new duties, and new tasks, flow with the energy of business

- constant new learning - education, knowledge does not stop on diplomas, certifications, degree

- eager to learn new not only in my professional area of specialisation but as well in other areas and as well in the personal life

- the ability to verbally, face-to-face communicate business-oriented strategies as well as have written excellent communication skills

- the straightforward, direct and diplomatic ability to have and lead the business conversation

- excited about expanding own knowledge put in practice

- enthusiastic energy of workflow

- directly working with external and internal clients, customers, teammates, Marketing, Creative Director, CEO etc.

- MS Office or similiar skills

- marketing, advertising, social media, digital, online and boardroom presentation - technical skills

- expecting professional although more classic informal casual, unique to the person's dress code

- creating graphical, digital, web social media and print materials for visual communication aimed at SEO traffic, tags, followers, digital ads, CRM etc.

- an area of interest - UX/UI Design, Fine Arts, Holistic Health

- eagerness to learn Adobe Suite: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustaryion or any relevant program or already knowing the fundaments of it or any online tool e.g. Canvas, Google Slides, PowerPoint etc to be used for social media by creating unique, well designs with typography, text edit rules, colour accessibility etc.

- ideas do matter - creative thinking, thinking outside of the box

- the ability to negotiate the salary and expectations as a new hie - increasing salary comes with the ability to ask, speak not wait

- flexible time, working hours, work from home but stick to the right hours which suit business, work, deadlines and lifestyle to balance effectively each area

- the ability to organise events, tasks outdoors, entertainment management for clients, conferences, workshops, expos etc.

- have knowledge, interests and/or qualification in practising and teaching anything relative to holistic health, yoga, wellness, working lifestyle balance writing content on the web, and social media about it, to know how effectively create ads for social media

- the same applies to UX/UI design and fine arts

- sanctimoniously know how to brand unique personal-professional brand fo the influencer, leader

- reporting in written and oral form the results, by documenting the tasks, performance and growth and evidence that taking the approach, and strategy is positive for business, brand recognition etc.

- - have a positive attitude toward life, smiley, vibrant, enthusiastic, friendly, within healthy boundaries personality, creating a positive toward people atmosphere, chill out

- understand the importance of screen time off during breaks, manage own health well, and be an example for the audience on social media by writing and advertising what are practices, and simple steps matter e.g. organise own workspace at home, open windows to let fresh air etc.

- grounded, growing and expanding approach to life

- understanding that more excitement, more knowledge, more tasks, more creativity, more experience, and more variability bring more money to own salary and profit

- comfortable working with female CEO direct work with CEO on regular basis, and for and with clients

- organising travels as well as travelling for work, organising events outside of the country etc.

- promoting creative thinking, seeing a big vision, mission, and goals of growth of the internationally well-known artist, holistic health leader, UX/UI design agencies etc.

- the ability to divide time effectively for those three areas

- the ability to approach social media differences needed for each area to grow while supporting each other and not contradicting the personal-professional brand

- knowing how to take high-quality photos to post online on art galleries, and relative websites to each area, editing as well as writing a promoting content

- understanding the current trends in fine arts, holistic health and UX/UI design and a career in tech

- searching for new art collectors, art galleries, an art expo and yoga websites, creating CRM, databases

- having high energy involved, general interests in those areas

- own PC, Mac, programs, systems - be own IT when needed, find a solution with technical obstacles if necessary

- good vibe, giving, sharing and receiving

My Social Media Personal Assistant Preferences

- Native English speaker - why, as I am not one, and even with the academic and business level of English, it is still and it will always be 2nd language. Those language nuances because of the cultural aspects (English British vs English Irish, English British vs English American, Canadian, New Zealander, Australian for example) can always get extra hints from a native speaker to spice up. Is this bias, or not, it is choice and choice matters and it is based on the research and decision-making.

- Gender/sex - male - for diversity and inclusivity.

- Age - different generation than mine to learn and empower the business, and see different points of view. Prior generations and/or younger generations will give an extra understanding of what is expected from different angles by taking experiences, skills and ideas into account.

- Younger generation might have more personal experiences with social media than prior but the prior might know more from a business point of view.

- Not excluding my own generation - however again diversity is a positive aspect.

- Important - the chosen candidate knows exactly what they want to do and how - vision, creative thinking, thinking outside of the box, testing ideas, failing quickly and often and approaching it again with a fresh learn-on-mistake mindset.

- Really good understanding of technical aspects of various social media and market expectations - which ones are suitable and which are not, which are beneficial and which ones are waste of time.

- knowing the negations when comes to salary based on what can be brought to the table - researching various offers and balancing the expectations with what can be offered. Listen to candidates' negations strategies as it is important in knowing how they value their work, and skills and how they can approach later on any other negations tasks e.g. with art galleries, art curators, clients etc.

- let him decide his own tasks on weekly basis and see how they are implemented, lead and direct instead of manage and direct only.

- let the hours unfold based on the initial weeks, start a smaller amount of hours and increase when necessary with time and requirements if any. Better to add hours than decrease them. Be open to suggestions. Start with 7-8 hours divided by two working days.

Current Social Media

Facebook did years ago (based on the Yoga Studio in Dublin - on-site business)

Next Instagram - remove a few accounts - create one with different branches - one personal brand (trunk) with few brand branches which altogether comes to one tree crown

LinkedIn done - modify when necessary

YouTube - create a playlist - each for its own branch but again the analogy of the tree

- too many accounts do not make sense as the personal/professional brand unified together and over cross

- however, get feedback from various candidates and share the current experiences mostly from Instagram

- leave Twitter - so far there are much more arguments on this platform than the actual value

- Be careful with trolls including on LinkedIn - there is no need to go to the topics which are stormy currently in society - is this really what I care about or am I brian washed, influenced by news, talks, etc?

- express points of view through fine arts and focus on the chosen theme and leave again the clutter

- hasnikart, hasnikartschool, hasnikdesign, hasnikwellness was created and now clear it up and do everything under Katarzyna Hasnik or just Hasnik - as it was taking way too much time, too much swapping, even for one Digital Marketing Assistant will be too much and no longer make sense

- let go of attachments - life is all about in and out, connecting and disconnecting, trying, discovering and defining, testing and prototyping and again reviewing etc.

- apply Design Thinking, SWOT, UX analysis, Lean, Agile, Human Centre Design strategies to actual social media and website present

- clear all, not potential customers, people far away, based not closed enough to the on-site business location

- keep a smaller audience for better results

- grow locally than nationally than internationally

- clear all content from personal accounts cluttering business and taking time, energy and effort away from the main vision

- clear all groups, not relative or with way too many posts, spam, personal chit-chats etc.

- keep it simple and stupid - KISS

- clear all "following others" when unnecessary - do not bring any value, again the same as with groups

- clear own "wall, page" - make it fresh, start again, don't be attached to not-as-good quality posts

- consult with Social Media Digital Marketing Assistant about what to keep, what to remove, and which way to go in terms of personal/professional brand in strategic UX/UI design for products, fine arts, design teaching, career mentoring, and wellness/health/yoga teaching.

Always ask for advice - I am, you are not expert in everything. I am, you are still earning. We all do.

Running the business should be easy and also fun. There will be a struggle, as it is new, and it is unknown how to do it (like driving a motorbike or a car or motor or sailing boat etc.) but after a while, it will come naturally.

I run my business with fun and ease. I receive help and support when needed. I know when to ask and the right people come to me themselves. God is helping me to see, hear, listen, feel and know what and who is right, which move, and which decision. I am relaxed when I run the design consultancy business and the branches of Hasnik Limited. I rest a lot when I needed. I sleep to recover when it is necessary and I maintain a good level of healthy conscious lifestyle, fitness, sports, and physical activity. I have so much time to paint paintings, my true inner soul calling. I have time for love and marriage, and family and friendships and hobbies and new business encounters.

Time and place serve me. The right time, the right place, the right person, in the right order comes to me always for the highest purpose for all.

Money flows to me with ease and fun. I take calculated, good predicted risk and I land on the four paws as Cat, as Coolio.

My clients, shareholders, investors, and students get the best of my service because I do love to design, research and improve the services, public and private in areas which matter to me and the people, to us.

Everything works for me and others the way should be. The change comes and it is natural. It is also temporary as everything flows. Wining is natural and even if there is a sort of loss, in the end, is the best outcome as the better is coming and at the final score I win and the main purpose, clients, and major importance win too. Rest mediocrity doesn't really matter in the long run. I am chosen and I choose with God's help because I do not know everything and I do not wish even to know, it is impossible that's why gut feeling, intuition, and Guardian Angels, Nature, and Universe know much more. It feels to let go the control of everything. It feels good. It feels feminine. Isn't it? Yes, it does feel good.

My UX/UI Design and Research with mentoring and tutoring is floating easily as I love doing it, truly do. I have the spark to analyse technology and do design user-friendly platforms with work ethics, business and human ethics and values while boosting the careers of those who like to progress in UX/UI. I bring value to others and I expect value in return, personal, professional, product and financial. We are all creating services, and products and honesty in business and life matter a lot. I am surrounded by honest people and my digital marketing assistant is honest, ethical with values and mission and passionate about digital marketing to promote the services and products of Hasnik Limited.

In my free time, I have a full class of amazing art students in an art-friendly environment where I can keep all fine arts tools and mediums, inspiration artefacts, and still life for my students. It makes them happy. It makes me happy It makes my digital marketing happy. I am happy, more content, peaceful and calm.

Source works in my favour of me and those who become my clients, customers, students and staff.

Thank you Source! Thank you, God! Thank you Right Good Honest People.


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