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Moving to Ireland?

The Key to One Step Closer to Happiness is to live in the country you love regardless of the flaws.

You just accept them. It feels like the entire country is your Home. Chosen Home. You just know it is and even if you want to move out sometimes because you used to do it or just because you want to experience something new, each time when you come back, after business travel, work remotely or after holidays, you feel THIS IS IT!

Tips about life in Ireland Katarzyna Hasnik UX and UI Designer

In my case, I used to live in a few places in Poland, Holland, Belgium, the United Kingdom and from 2010 in Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and regardless of the flaws.

Thank you, Ireland for being who you are. Thank you, God, for the holidays in 2005 when I felt this is it. And after 5 years I came here and have started to put my roots. Still, I do.

This is not going to post about pros and cons or travel attractions but a few pieces of information beneficial for everyone who is moving in, which might day be helpful.


SUSI - is Ireland's national awarding authority for further and higher education grants

You can study for free in Ireland if you EU citizen and it is regardless of studies completed before, age, profession etc.

I completed my Master of Arts at IADT witH SUSI grand for both 2 academic years.

Spring Board - free or %discount education application.

I completed my Digital Marketing at Dublin Business School with easy application on

I receive Level 8 from my Polish Bachelor Honours Degree in Design, which is consider higher than standard Bachelor Degree at level 7.

My professional diploma in Fitness (health, sport etc.) at Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, was translated and consider as directed to Poland within approx level 6 on the National Qualification Framework Ireland

When necessary apply to BACK TO EDUCATION Program with SOLUS FAS - disolved in 2013 in exchange of SOLAS and Intreo - meaning Social Welfare Advice and Support.

With SOLAS I did e.g. Adobe Certs with New Horizon

This also apply when you want to establish business and you are just starting. That time it is called BACK TO WORK or any other professional - personal situation.

Helen Long - good person to ask, she was based at Cork Street at least that time, many years ago.

Recommendation - before self-employed, limited company etc. do as many/business/admin etc. courses as much as possible. Think about doing any specific courses in your industry, in my case: design, fitness/gym full time or part time courses as it might be less available when you become self-employed or establish limited company.


Private Residential Tenancy Board - Residential Tenancies Board

I admit never used so I do not have personal experiences at all or anyone who I used to know or know.

Apparently, it is good to apply when any concerns might arise with the rent. If needed, good to apply before moving out at least a few weeks before, recommended for 4 weeks.

The main address is O'Connell Bridge House, D'Olier Street, Dublin

Local branches e.g. 7 Bell Tree Drive, Tyrrelstown, Dublin.


If you just like me, arrive without a full driving licence as e.g. provision from the UK was not converted, I will highly recommend Trish, based in Wicklow Town, Co. Wicklow with +353868887001 if you are close enough. Amazing instructor! With her, I passed the practical exam at 1st time as well in Wicklow as Dublin is way too much hassle and hours in traffic both during exams and during lessons. A smaller town is much better!

Diving Licenses:

National Car Testing Service

Motor TAX

Personal public service (PPS) number is needed for all your contribution taken from your wage as example access social welfare benefits etc.

That's for now, and you need the PPS number if employed by the company:


And it is good to get familiar with revenue

Well, now, you are ready to move to Ireland!

Enjoy moving in!

The weather - it has two seasons, warmer and cooler, and the spring in February! Always green grass and fresh air. :-) So you can not enjoy it!

Tips about life in Ireland Katarzyna Hasnik UX and UI Designer

Below a few places to go...there is much more, it will be a life time...

Places worth attention once again

County Galway - Ashform Castle, Lettermore, Claregahoray, Dunguin

County Donegal, County Sligo - Purgatory on the Lough Derg, St Patrick's Purgatory

Aran Islands - once again, the two smaller onces

Hiking already done and to be explore

Carrauntoohil 1034 m (3046 ft) County Kerry ✅

Lungnaquilla 925 m (3035 ft) County Wicklow ✅

St Patrick Croagh Patrick (called Reek) 764 m (2507 ft) County Mayo ✅

Slieve Dronard 850 m (2790 ft) Northern Ireland, County Down ✅

Mweelrea 814 m (2671 ft) County Mayo

Kippure 757 m (2484 ft) County Dublin ✅

Galtymore 919 m (3015 ft) County Limerick/Tipperary

Mounth Leinster 796 m (26612 ft) County Carlow/Wexford

Knockmealdown 794 m (2605 ft) Waterford

Mount Errigal 751 m (2464 ft) County Donegal

Benbaun 729 m (2392 ft) County Galway

Knockboy 706 m (2316 ft) County Cork

Sawel Mountain 676 m (2224 ft) Northern Ireland, County Tyrone/Derry

Cuilcagh 665 m (2182 ft) County Cavan, Fermanagh

Truskmore 647 m (2123 ft) County Sligo

Truskmore Cairn 631 m (2070 ft) County Leitrim

Slieve Foy 589 m (1932 ft) County Louth

Slieve Gullion 573 m (1880 ft) Northern Ireland, County Armagh

Trostan 553 m (18808 ft) County Antrim

Moylussa 532 m (1745 ft) County Clare

Arderin 527 m (1729 ft) County Laois/Offaly

Brandon Hill 515 m (1690 ft) County Kilkenny

Seltannasaggart 428 m (1404 ft) County Rossommon

Cupidstown Hill 379 m (1243 ft) County Kildare

Slieve Beagh 373 m (1224 ft) Northern Ireland, County Monaghan

CarnClonhugh 278 m (912 ft) County Longford

Slieve na Calliagh 276 m (906 ft) County Meath

Mullaghmeen 258 m (846 ft) County Westmeath

Other famous formations

Benbulbin (Ben Bulben, Ben Bulben) 526 m (1726 ft) County Sligo - Darty Mountains ✅

Slieve League (Sliabh Liag, Slieve Liag) 601m (1972 ft) County Donegal - highest sea mountains ✅

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