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There is only 4 Types of People

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

4 is enough. As 4 side of the world.

Important is to ask questions. Others and mostly yours. Do it often. Daily.

Which type of you?

  1. Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk.

  2. Talk the Talk but do not Walk the Walk.

  3. Do not Talk the Talk and Do not Walk the Walk either.

  4. Do not Talk the Talk but Walk the Walk.

Which type are your workmates, boss, managers, friends, family relatives?

1. Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk.

I most of my life was and still to a certain % I am, in the first category.

Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk. I did and I do stick with my words. If I say something to others and myself, I do it. Simply. Otherwise, I refuse or do not talk at all. Saying NO is a power. Talk and Walk the Talk is giving example to others and indeed makes me strategies my goals, timeframe and plan actions. Although Sometimes is unnecessary to say what will be done. Saying anything involved energy, time and effort. Often need follow-ups, questions asked by others and answers. Explanations if others do have different opinions. This category required spoken approved already vision. With time, the action plan might be modified. What I learnt And this is why I am practising 4 categories for a while and feels much better.

2. Talk the Talk but do not Walk the Walk.

You will never be able to trust those types of people and if you are one of them, change for the good. Unreliable. Inconsequent. Useless. Insecure. Irresponsible.

Dishonest, Unclean, Immoral.

Flaky. Slippery. Insecure. Dishonest. Touchy. The second one equals to Bullshit, Rubbish Talk, and Pointless Talk. I get rid of that kind of people as soon as I notice theirs useless tendencies, of talking but not doing whatever they say for themselves, and for others. Simply they are waste of time. Time is precious. None of the hours will repeat. The day is done and it is gone. Forever. Listening to those will just make the head like a balloon, a heart filled with promises or unmade actions. They have compulsive talking disorder, and lack fo ability to make an action. The weakness of talking too much and doing nothing or limit. Those people in personal and professional life are rejected instantly. They do steal your time and others, the energy which is equal to money too. They do deceive others. They are dishonest. Talk Bla Bla Bla. They are useless in speech and action. Words without actions, and examples are spreading negativity. Those type of people is not consequent with themselves and within their speech. They talk for talking only which is annoying. Those people are not doing great in their life and are the worst enemy in project product design, and teamwork. They are manipulative, inexperienced people, mostly young or with a gentle, too helpful caring personality. They are liars, pretending a lot and coming up with various excuses. Do not hire with them. Also, avoid those types of clients. Have everything on the paper. Stay away from them. Keep them at a distance if you need to have them around. And as soon as possible get rid of them. They are not good friends, spouses, unsupportive teammates and awful bosses. They say often: I listen only to what is important Oh I didn't hear that. Really it was said to be done, who said it and when, did I confirm I will do it, really, I do not remember? I have a selective listening strategy that is equal - I know what was said, and I even said I will do it but somehow I do not recall, or I didn't have time, I was so busy, the internet didn't work, I had a problem with this or that. They are compulsive liars. Enemies of humankind. Run away. Run from them. They will use others, and never complete work to a high standard or at all. They say they come to your party or wedding and they won't show up. They are the ones who catfish and ghost others online. They are cheaters. And So on. Narcissistic personality disorder. If their speech is fluffy and colourful and no action is followed after even it is said and they do this often, repeatedly, fire them, avoid working with them, break up relationships, friendship and move on. Life is too short and too beautiful to waste on rubbish type of people. They complain a lot but do nothing. Often complain about the work, but they do not change. They gossip about spouses, complain years a lot and do nothing. They are time wasters. Total bullshit. They often want you to see them as victims of life, system, family household, school, work, company, and your connection with them. Be careful. Watch your back. Observe them. Write down the patterns and keep them short. Give them an example. And walk away. They will never change. Often statically speaking those types of people are categorised by psychologists as mentally unstable, with compulsive lie disorder, narcissists personality with bipolar. Let go.

Changing mind from time to time, on rare occasions e..g more research, circumcision or taking no action even promised due to an emergency situation is ok, but it happens too often, something is weird, something sounds untruthful and something is smelly. So Watch out. And if you are that type of person, I will encourage you to seek help. As a holistic therapist and mentor, I can say it. Bt your role is to do it.

3. Do not Talk the Talk and Do not Walk the Walk either.

The third category lives in the comfort zone without noticing anything more than their long never changing horizon line. They are against progress without even knowing there is one. They are like machines, robots. They might complain a lot but do nothing. But usually, they are just quiet, Observing life or not even. They do not take any action. They are as they are, often mimicking others, trying to fit in. If you are like me, want to do more, you are full of ideas, hobbies, and interests you will find those people annoying. You simply do not match. They indeed often have a very boring life. If they have a high intelligence they might be very good at what they do but often won't try anything else. However, the life event: love, dramatic, or unexpected experience, or a proper guide, mentor, or a new person who they for example will start to adore, bring sudden change to their lifestyle and process of thinking and doing. Situations or people might influence them and they might change. Most of the time it will come with time. Often they are insecure, not confident, maybe even from abused family households or bullied at school. The problem of not taking any action and not expressing themselves often comes from low self-esteem, and lack of space and opportunities for creative thinking, and expansion often starts in early childhood. With the right guidelines, they might become totally different people.

4. Do not Talk the Talk but Walk the Walk.

And the fourth category is in my humble opinion, the best, and this is where I shift my energy. I stop talking and sharing my plans, dreams, visions, and goals. I still do motivate others, inspire and support my own steps towards my goal, I am just doing it without talking.

This group is rare. In my personal and professional life, I have a small example of interacting with those types of people. But when it happens, it tastes much better. They are the ones who surprised others and even themselves. They are unpredictable as they do not share anything that they try to achieve. They just do it. Even without asking them, they will do a favour for you. They are excellent observers. They do succeed a lot as they do not waste any time talking at all. And this is where I am now and where I am going. It is easy to shift from category 1 to 4. Experiences and internal commitment without even talking are an amazing blessing. The best example is walking by example. Talking can be on hold. And when it is on hold. Well, you just do things without listening to others' opinions. You have to be very confident, certain within yourself to live like it. You have to just know. And even if you make a mistake none will know most of the time as you never say in the first place what you are planning to do or thinking. It is the best strategy which I ever experienced in my personal and professional life and I am glad to meet more and more people who walk the walk even without taking. The opinions of others are irrelevant. There is beauty in it. They take full responsibility for all possible curve balls, mistakes, and failures and they do know that with the next step they will fix them. Much more independent and responsible category than the 1st one. I feel and think that in this category even the most confident people need to grow up. It is a much more brave path than the 1st one. This is where my life is decided now and that's how I see my future. If this path is unknown to you. Chose and test and see how you like.

Share your in the comments your thoughts.

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