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Master of Arts, Design for Change - completed! Why, how and where?

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

I had choses Design for Change, Master of Arts at Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Dún Laoghaire. And soon I will share more... But now it is academic break. It is a summer time, and I work and study remotely and it is time to rest and enjoy vacation "far away from the madding crowd". All the way in Georgia, Poland, Montenegro, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina.🏝☀️⛵️🌊🏔

Ha! Time passed by and now my Master studies are completed, with Grade: B. Delighted with results. Success!!! Double success, as it is in my 2nd language and at the best in ranking in Art, Design and Technology Postgraduate Public Education in Republic of Ireland.

I will be posting the final thesis major project research and design soon.

And now it is time for applying gained new piece of knowledge to practice in a new chapter of my career as Designer. Strategic Lead UX/UI Product and Service Designer. Life does not end on MA.

Ancora Imparo – I am still learning.” Michelangelo at age 87.

Below you might find various Masters' Programme details.

Thinking of something else? What other postgraduate master's programs are available to study at IADT?

Study what matters

Work what matters

Do what matters

Question what matters

Listen what matters

Design what matters

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