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Episode #2 AI answers: why some people are in the same life situation even if they want a change?

I am naturally meeting people who require an internal uplift. I embraced this long ago after many years of volunteering across 5 countries in Europe in a variety of disciplines and areas, organisations and charities, teaching yoga, running workshops, and providing holistic health group retreats and individual sessions, healing art classes and as leader directing creative and research design projects with multiply teams across the world.

The internal uplift is required by ALL KIND OF PEOPLE regardless of the demographics, age, nationality, religious, cultural, ethical aspects, relationship status, family and friends support or their absence, financial income, past experiences, mental and physical health problems and any present challenges and so on.

My day looks like this. I ask, how can I make a change TODAY and BOOM, there is a person in the queue. I do free-of-charge service on most of my days where administration is not required. No ads, no social media, no internet, no money. But just energy. This energy comes to me multiple times. I do not even know when but it comes. Apparently, as I heard, Scorpios are the strongest signs, and because of the element of water, they absorbed and flow easily, they influence naturally, just like Water. Those days are my extra good days, which I love. And I am thankful for them. And indeed I am paid for them differently, by the Source called by me more and more often God.

I playfully I ask with a volunteering heart and open mind, who can I help today in a random situation. The more I live on the planet the more I see how fear can ruin the life.

Let's ask questions Open AI answers why some people are in the same life situation even if they want a change? Why being stuck is so popular across the general public?

change research open AI ChatGPT people career stuck ux experience life

Me: Why some people are in the same life situation even if they want a change?

ChatGPT: There can be various reasons why some people find themselves stuck in the same life situation even if they desire a change. Here are a few possible explanations:

  1. Fear of the unknown: Change can be intimidating, and many individuals fear stepping outside their comfort zones. They may prefer the familiarity of their current situation, even if it is not fulfilling, because it feels safer and more predictable.

  2. Lack of self-belief: Some people struggle with low self-esteem or a lack of confidence in their abilities. They may doubt their capacity to succeed in a different situation, which can hinder their motivation to pursue change.

  3. External limitations: Certain life circumstances, such as financial constraints, family obligations, or physical limitations, can restrict people's ability to make significant changes. Responsibilities and obligations can create barriers to pursuing new opportunities.

  4. Lack of clarity and direction: Without a clear vision of what they want to change or how to achieve it, individuals may feel lost and unsure of the steps to take. Without a concrete plan, it can be challenging to break free from their current situation.

  5. Comfort in familiarity: Some people find comfort in the familiarity of their routines, even if those routines are unfulfilling. Breaking away from the known can be difficult, as it requires embracing uncertainty and taking risks.

  6. Lack of support: Having a supportive network can play a crucial role in making changes. If individuals lack the necessary emotional or practical support from friends, family, or mentors, it can make it harder for them to break free from their current circumstances.

  7. Psychological barriers: Past experiences, traumas, or limiting beliefs can create psychological barriers that hold people back from pursuing change. Unresolved issues or negative thought patterns can undermine their efforts to move forward.

It's important to note that each person's situation is unique, and a combination of factors can contribute to feeling stuck. Overcoming these challenges often requires self-reflection, developing new skills or resources, seeking support, and gradually taking steps towards change.

Me: Well, I do agree as I can see it around me. Also, I can see the enormous change when the actual acknowledgement does happen.

Are you ready for a change?

change research open AI ChatGPT people career stuck ux experience life
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