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Art of Receiving.

We accept. We get. We give.



In prostration.

When we accept, we are not so haughty.

When we welcome, we expand our limits, our soul, ourselves.

We do not become proud, hostile, but full of acceptance, gratitude, love without criticism.

The recipient of love, enjoy the moment, without judgments, saving, in order to feel free, without negative beliefs.

If you really want it, you'll get it.

Going beyond your own limits without power and authority.

I allow myself to accept things, people, myself, situations as they are.

Our own evaluation of others is blocking us.
Self-assessment is expanding us.

I travel (We travel) as a speaker and business owner. Done. ✅

I am speaker at events. Done. ✅

I am speaker at Ted. Done already internally. ✅

I am safe and secure. Done. ✅

We travel to rest to beautiful places. Done. ✅

We travel with our family and friends. Done. ✅

My finance are growing. Done. ✅

Our family are at the wedding, baby showers and visit us on our holidays. Done. ✅

I drive a jeep, which looks stunning and it is excellent condition. Done. ✅

We have sauna and pool. Done. ✅

We make a fire and bake a potatoes and collect raspberries and blueberries and blackberries. Done. ✅

I am married to husband who loves me, cherish me, support me, accept me, appreciate me, laugh with me, dance with me, inspire me, motivate me, care of me and I love him, cherish him, support him, accept him, appreciate him, laugh with him, dance with him, inspire him, motivate him, care of him. Done. ✅

I have a very good relationship with those to who I matter and those who matter to me. Done. ✅

I develop myself and grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, materially and financially. Done. ✅

My body is super healthy. Done. ✅

I look like 20 years younger. Youthful. Done. ✅

I let go toxic people even those who once before matter. Done. ✅

I make a space for new people. Who grow where I grow. Done. ✅

I am very good mother and wife. Done. ✅

I am not perfect. Done. ✅

Our children are connected to us as we are connected to each other. Done. ✅

In every aspect of life, we expand. Done. ✅

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