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Big Sur - new system as usually not User Friendly...

Hello, Apple Community, Apple Customer Care and Product Design Team. :-)

1.Would you please allow Users to customised their products so everyone will be satisfied, females, males and others, of all ages from children across the elderly, all kind of professions, backgrounds and so on?

2.Why do you force Users to like something that you like?

I do like the monochromic backgrounds and the minimalistic look of every single wallpaper for example. Also, I do like to change them as much as I like easy, hassle-free.

3.Was this super bright, flashy graphic of Big Sur tasted with hundreds of Users? I do not think so. I do not like it. I am sorry for the author, but I am more sorry for myself and the dissatisfied Apple Community.

4.Is this that hard for Designers and Developers to implement by right 1 click divided into 3 screen options to change our pictures every single time as many times as we want?

Simple 1 Click divided to 3 clicks using Right Click. That's all.

This is so easy from the User Point Of View.

  1. Change the picture of the start screen.

  2. Change the picture of the lock screen.

  3. Change the picture of the desktop.

5.User-Centred Design is called Apple. Have you forgotten what does it mean with every system update?

I am myself UX/UI Designer and Visual Graphic Designer and I do not fancy bright, flashy colours or empty, dry desserts. I like customised my backgrounds just like I would not buy this type of flashy, bright pattern on any dress or handbag or wallet, I do not want anything like that at my home and my computer.

6.Would not be this great as for example I want my starting, lock and desktop screen to be customised to my needs and moods as I want. Depends on my weekly goals for example.

7.Why should I even look for any kind of answers, to strategies the look, e.g. update folders, change security, do this, do that, to do so simple thing as to change all screens by one click divided into 3 options. So Easy User Flow and so happy Users.

8.Plus the Icon of the User at the start is not sharp as in the previous operating system. My Eagle has rough edges and pixels. I can see this with my naked eye.

I hope one day, there will be a competitor bigger than Apple, who will listen to Users. :) I might be 85 but I will celebrate this day!

Until then, I believe you will learn more about Users and your Clients, with every frustration every single time with operating system updates.

Would you please let me know when you fix this because truly I cannot stand this graphic?

I updated my Lock Screen and obviously Desktop Screen. Now time to just leave the computer on to never look at these flashy bright graphics or wait until Majesty Apple will finally ask and listen to Users and give them so simple option to easily update 3 screens: Start, Lock and Desktop.

Good Luck Product Team. I keep my fingers crossed for you, that there will be more empathy while updating systems and simple compassion to Users all kind of Users! That's why we Customisation. Isn't it?

If you need more User Testing to actually really customised product to Users, our needs want and like, I am here ready to give you all my User Experience Design free of charge. :)

Kind Regards,


P.S.: Look at the Bright Side of Life but do not look too long on the bright graphics as might hurt your eyes. Save your Eyes for your Designs or whatever you do on mac. :-)

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