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Study UX/UI Design with Career Foundry - Why they, not others?!

Overview of UI/UX Design remote course.

Before we start. If you still looking to upgrade your skills consider this: Hi there! I really recommend that you take a look at the CareerFoundry courses. Sign up now to secure your 5% discount!

I believe my honest feedback would help you to make your own decision on your career path.



I would definitely recommend Career Foundry to every Graphic Designer who wants, needs and likes to change the career to UI/UX Design.

I would also recommend Career Foundry to those who never ever studied design because the course provides all aspect of design from the basics of typography, colours to advance UI/UX knowledge with functional and practical learning by doing.

You have to be enough determined to complete the course in the time frame provided, although there are 2 extra months of free extension, which give you additional time in case of unexpected situations, necessary breaks or intense work.

I met with professional and great individual support, which none of my college or course providers gave me in the past. I would strongly highlight that Career Foundry is the best course I have ever done it.

I was motivated by everything that they offer, from the design of the platform itself to the excellent content, well-explained tasks with previous, fresh, the latest sample of students finished tasks, which helped me to even deeper understand what has to be done, be inspired. I was amazed at evolution of each main projects, which all together built my outstanding portfolio as UI/UX Designer.

I must admit that I had a very helpful and supportive, friendly staff including my personal Career Advisor before I even start the course. The most engaging and inspiring UI/UX Tutor and UI/UX Mentor. On top of that, I had a Career Specialist to help me in my job search and completing the Job Preparation Course. Student Advisors were always ready to answer my additional questions.

None of any course gave me as much individual contact with teachers, tutors in the past.

Surprising but The Course is done remotely but I felt that I had more human connection than in typical college, where quite often you are not even treated with professionalisms or respect because traditional private or public schools or colleges quite often have very old approach of treating students even grown-up adults as secondary even students are the real clients of every educational organisation.

I finished my UI course with a brilliant portfolio with much more pieces of my own projects than recently done Digital Marketing at traditional evening college in Dublin Business School or even Bachelor Honours Degree did at University. If I will have a choice a long time ago, I would sign up for a professional-oriented course with practical learning with Career Foundry instead of typical higher education, which gave me mostly knowledge without actual tangible effects.

I am more prepared for UI/UX Design in 6 month time than into graphic design years ago. Job Preparation course with 6 months guarantee of full refund is additional proof that they are the best on the market and they know that.

None ever courses gave me a guarantee of the job in the specific time frame and if not, I will get a refund back. None of the courses gave me an individual Career Specialist with excellent Job Preparation course. I must say this course is worth much more than the actual price. Every education organisation should take a sample from Career Foundry from the website itself, organisation of the course, supportive staff, provided content and final tangible projects.

I had a pleasure recently to the meet John O'Toole, Managing Director at Communications & Management Institute in Dublin.

In our collaborative and open talk, I highly suggested as I was asked by John, to have a look at Career Foundry to overcome own education platform's obstacles with for example Moodle platform, which I was recently exposed to it at Dublin Business School as Digital Marketing Student in 2019 at the same time studying UI/UX Design at Career Foundry, I had a great comparison, what can serve us Students/Users a what not.

To compare website of those 3 education providers, 2 traditional based in Dublin, Ireland and one, modern fully remote education platform, please have a look also at DBS website and decide yourself which would serve you better even just in terms of website itself. Come on, we have XXI century. Websites should be User-Centred-Designed.

As Class Representative at DBS, I strongly gave my honest feedback, as Student and User, that DBS Moodle platform is not a user-friendly.
Unfortunately there were no changes implemented.
Moodle causes more issues than bring actual value to students and it is not correctly link with main DBS website, what brings confusion and irritation over a 6 months period time with lots of Students' complains.
This is main difference between Career Foundry and any outdated traditional college.

They do not listen Students.

They forget that WE ARE CLIENTS.

Which sadly true even if they teach about WORTH OF MOUTH AS ONE OF THE BEST ADVERTISING TECHNIQUE IN CONSTANTLY GROWING SOCIAL PROOF ON SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS...I want add word starting with ..."R" continue with "I"...following by "D" and "I".

You have a "CLUE". Don't you?

All Right Let Come Back To Career Foundry. As I am here for them not for DBS. About DBS in another post. Soon Soon.

I must say that I am very happy that I came across Career Foundry and while researching where to invest my time, money and energy, I rejected many UI/UX courses provided even by higher education in Ireland.

I am grateful to everyone who brought Career Foundry to live, to everyone who is part of it, by creating content, videos, making the website smooth and user-friendly. I am very grateful to all staff, who was

Mentor - Ahmad (M) ALhuwwari

Career Advisor - Alana Lang

Career Specialist - Marion Sénéchal

Career Specialist - Cristina Correia

a team of highly professional and friendly Student Advisors and to

CEO of Career Foundry - Martin Ramsin

himself for making my dream of UI/UX Designer real and really great.

Thank you Career Foundry.

here is another career Foundry feedback given just now 04/04/2020 on Career report


Big WELL DONE TO CAREE FOUNDRY for creating Education Platform, which increase Creative Talent and Designing skills.

  • amazing platform (clean, clear, user-friendly, easy to find out everything, see own progress, engage with other students, students support advisors, tutor, mentor and career specialist, everything works perfectly, never issues with platform or connections)

  • honest, valuable and encouraging although also upfront phone call with Career Advisor before starting the course to actually find out, if this is something suitable for you and possible to achieve

  • payment is done at the end of the month - build a trustful relationship between school/provider and student/customer - the possibility of cancellation without losing upfront payments

  • professional, amazing, engaging, well written, easy to understand provided content, tasks to be completed, main achievements

  • lots of additional content provided at the end of each task, and also by Tutors, Mentors and Career Specialist as part fo the constructive feedback, valuable comments and extra engaging learning

  • additionally phone calls and chats via Skype and also Slack connection with Mentor and Career Specialist and Students and also other Career Specialists, Mentors, Tutors to get the most what can be given and also feel part of a community of UI/UX Designers and Developers

  • 24h/7 access to the platform with never-ending lifetime access even after completing your course

  • free access to read the content of Development, UX and other courses

  • 7 day free without any obligation course to feel the grid of what is all about

  • 1-month Career Development, Job Preparation Course with support and tasks to get into the first job with 6 months Career Specialist support and a guarantee of money back

  • 48h respond about your tasks, including weekends, but actually all staff (Career Advisor, UI/UX Tutor and Mentor, Career Specialist, Student Advisors) replied much faster, quite often straight after sending the task

  • valuable feedbacks, constructive, engaging, honest, friendly, respectfully, professionally provided

  • necessary evaluation of tasks if needed, no approval for just approval

  • great content, taken deeper with additional readings, links

  • smooth progression, you see how much you learn and how much you have to learn - great brain stimulation and feeling of accomplishment

  • worth every penny/cent - great value for a really well designed and provided course

  • UI and UX Design content, tasks, achievements are designed to give you practical learning with actual portfolio results better than any higher, advance education I have ever done it

  • outstanding networking offline and online

  • top Career Foundry Head of Designers value your progress and comment on it

  • International staff with a strong work ethic

  • tasks well explained, very straight forward

  • 6 final designed projects as part of your portfolio to land you to your first UI/UX Designer job

  • the strategy of learning well designed checked in case you off the track

  • the priceless, tangible, real and effective progress of actual learning and completing the course with a full understanding of UI/UX Design

  • the feeling of "I am UI/UX Designer" instead "I have done it but I do not know how to apply it" which is quite often effect of badly designed courses with no practical work but lots of exams, essays

  • no old fashioned exams at all

  • the real projects are the best effective results of your practical knowledge

  • discounts of referral of friends

  • monthly payment optional

  • discounts on programs as Sketch etc

  • Certificates approved by German Education Organisation - registered

  • polished final portfolio on your own website and Behance profile as a final result of your hard work - must have while applying for a new job

I am looking forward to progress with Career Foundry to the next area of advance UX courses or Animations in the near future as a 2 years professional progressive career plan.
Meaning they are worthy my time, my money, my energy.

List more? 🧐 Shall I?🤔...I think it is pretty enough. 😊🤓


Career Foundry Please


Perfection does not exist.


If you will be "perfect" there will be no competitors. But I think, your competitors makes you even better. Blue Ocean Strategy is definitely applied in your business.

Below you will find out, where to grow to become even better in what you already do so well.

There is always a room for improvement. 😎

which Career Foundry appreciate and collects after each task and make actual real-life changes. The below feedback was shared with them while doing the course and what was taken under consideration with a big thank you to me by always providing the straight forward feedback.


  • definitely missing video tutorials especially to more advance or specific tasks

  • a lot of reading content, which could be provided as well as video content - more engaging visually and learning by listening also than just by reading

  • the task, which involved making basic animations could be provided better - additional steps, more links, samples etc.

  • overall, the animation could be taken deeper or evaluate as a separate course

  • each project should evaluate with the same criteria from UX to UI, what could bring full cases studies and showcases to each design

  • no phone calls with UI/UX Tutor, just contact by chat - feedbacks by email on the platform

  • overall UI/UX Mentor's feedback is quite general because Tutor takes more charge of your progress

  • no spelling autocorrection in the chat-box or ability to delete the message

  • no phone calls to Student Advisors however no needed as there was no emergency to call them

  • estimated time for specific tasks quite often miss calculated

  • generally to complete UI course on time in 6 months timeframe, can be quiet intensive - personally I recommend to really dive deep into the subject to think about a career break or to schedule nothing else than just work, basic life relaxing balance (no specific time-consuming competitions in sports or long holidays, honeymoons, weddings, different courses) to really focus on completing on time and really enjoy it, not to struggle if there is too much to do in 6 months time - your dedication is necessary and you have to skip distractions in nowadays multitasking world

  • less is more as the famous design principles - this applies to your life while doing UI/UX Design course to boost your career dream and new life as Designer

I wishing you great success in your UI/UX Designer Journey, Good luck!

To find more about UI Design course with UX Design principles, please visit

and other courses at Career Foundry, please go to

I believe that that my excellent, honest and details oriented review of UI Design with UX Design principles remote course at Career Foundry will help you to achieve your career designer goals.

My valuable review, was previously asked by independent education review platform, which helps students in making Life Career Choice.

Timur Meyster, Co-Founder of Career Karma (YC W19) & Co-Host at Breaking Into Startups, who approached me via LinkedIn Platform asked for my independent review of recently completing UI design course at Career Foundry. Thank you Timur for approaching me and for creating Career Karma. I must admit your platform is great! Thank you for creating it.

To visit Timur's profile go to To find more about Career Karma please visit

To see more great feedbacks from other Career Foundry students,

I must say, you can fully trust Career Karma before making your own important choice.

I review the platform itself to be sure that I want to leave my own impact there.

I would use Career Karma in the near future to learn something in additional to UI/UX Design and to search another course, but at the same time, I am truly satisfied with Career Foundry and there is 100% chance that I will stick with them FOREVER EVER. 😍

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