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Do you see yourself as the stranger does? Practical exercise. Ask and you might be surprised.

What is your first appearance, the true energy?

One of many business-personal coaching training. Here are my results kept for a long time in my diary. Now they see the daylight.

By the strangers, I mean good people, awaken. People with low-self esteem, lack of confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, recognition, a belief I do not take into account.

How this type of people can see the light inside others if they do not see it in themselves? It is impossible. They will experience jealousy, revenge, resentment, bad feeling, the feeling of lack, comparison etc. Do not ask those types of strangers (or even close ones). The truth can be only spoken from the highest-self.

FIRST IMPRESSION - how are you seen by others? Total strangers not knowing each other are asked after a few minutes to describe what is their first impression of the person sitting next to them. Practical exercise at t the business-personal coaching training.

This is my list kept for so many years, here now share with all of you. =) Written by Lady Cristina at Jim Power workshops.

  1. Luminous

  2. Warm Welcome

  3. Bright.

  4. Open to learn, listen, share.

  5. Make people feel good.

  6. Intelligent.

  7. Beautiful smile.

  8. Shining light.

  9. Friendly.

  10. Passionate.

  11. Open Heart.

  12. Wise mind.

  13. Truthful.

  14. Calm.

Now, it is your turn. Ask open-minded stranger with a positive mindset. Have a fun! Feel a joy.

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