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Facebook is dying

Personal Social Media and Career Income Growth

Finally more and more people waking up from the dream of Mark - facebook - meta or whatever is it. Any other time waster. If you do business on any social media - continue to do it,

but if you are just feeding yourself with any kind of crap and posting your picture of selfies or one of a million similar not originally even called cats e.g. Pepper, Blacky, Pimpo, Zimbo, Bimbo, or whatever, you might start to reflecting on it.

And if you still addicted to those thumbs ups/likes/scrolling, (...) well, what can I say, do it but do not complain that your salary is crap or account empty. Think 10 times before next time. Btw: if your Pimpo-Zimbo-Bimbo Cat earns money for you on social media, continue to do it. But have a strategy as every business has.

Source of omni calculator found on #linkedinlearning #linkedin at the course “Managing Your Personal Finances” by Jane Barratt

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