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Fashion - when you don't dress, look or style like others, you as well do not think like others.

Stop trying to fit in. To the group, to trends. Why not to create your own? Simple question: Are you leader or follower?

Names listed worth checking in - only if you start to notice "following stage":

Andrzej Pągowski - graphic

Marek Klat - humour

Waldemar Świerzy - painter

Bogusława Kolt - finance, photograph

Justyna Radzymińska - photograph

Krystyna Mazurówna - dancer

Iris ( August 29, 1921 (age 100) at 2022) and Carl Apfel - fashion, interior designer

Lizzie Tisch - fashion

June Abrose - stylist

Frieda Lochmainn -

Anna Piaggi and Zelda Kaplan - fashion

and more

Be selective who you like, make your list and even with list do not follow them too.

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