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Is Recruiting Process Stressful? Dream UX/UI Design Career in less than 3 weeks.

No, and here is why.

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Being the Right Candidate meeting The Right Recruiter in The Right Time to be hired by The Right Company.

I must admit I will listed all Right Recruiters, with who I stay in touch, but for now I recommend Cathy Wojnicki, because she is THE ONE, who brought me to where I am NOW. 😍


This is massive as it was a career shift from Graphic Designer to UX/UI Designer + Scrum Master + Agile + UX Mentor to DevOps Team. Cathy did in 7 days from the moment of contacting to actually receiving the offer with well negotiated salary. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.


7 Working days...just to be clear. 😉

My New World was created in 7 working days.

Even I took a rest for the weekend plus extra 2 days.

Why Not. The best results are after when you are fully relax, let go and allow to Universe do the job so I did and everything came together itself. Thank you Universe & Mr Boss. 😁🥰

Process of Receiving Process of Recruitment

No Stress at All. Total Chill. 😎

My holiday relaxing break was in between (front final interview date needed to be changed) with friends to celebrate becoming Irish in Kerry and receive the Irish Citizenship (4 days including Sat and Sunday). I am Goddess in my own Universe. I create it with co-creation with others.

Cathy and My Boss. About Boss and Company in another post. 😊

Let's eat this nice meal slowly not at once.

My full career research took less than 3 weeks. But about this later. Another post.

This SPACE & TIME is dedicated to Cathy Wojnicki.

Please visit Professional LinkedIn Profile of Cathy Wojnicki:

Please visit GemPool, where Cathy is helping other candidates and companies to merging the right people with the right business.

Cathy Wojnicki is a highly driven professional with extraordinary quality of her work specialised in recruiting process of talented Developers and creative UX/UI Designers to Tech Companies. She has open mindset to bring the best for both parties, by merging the smart companies with smart employees. Because of her outstanding standard of work, her clients' (both companies and candidates) are reaching the highest potential in terms of hiring recruitments what allows companies creating Effective DevOps Teams, quickly, easily and effortlessly. Her rare and unique approach makes immediately positive results in on boarding new staff where everyone feels comfortable to work together to achieve one big goal - create outstanding products and services for the Company's Clients. Cathy's mission is to create the ideal, friendly and successful workplace of new employees in margining with specific needs of the company where the challenges of daily tasks are solved fast with good manners, respect, trust, transparency and inner joy. In the constantly changing techy work environment the co-operation with Product Owners, Co-Founders, CEO, CTO and exciting team members Creative Designers and Developers is crucial. Because Cathy knows how important is this, she brings the recruiting process on an extra, better, greater level to find the best potential candidates with the right qualifications, work experiences, and tech skills without forgetting how important are Human Soft Skills as great communications skills, eagerness to work, passion to achieve goals, friendliness and helpfulness in daily life. All those Soft Skills and beyond she has herself. Her character strengths make co-operation with her a pleasure, which is memorised well with an extra dosage of the inner happiness for which I am grateful for. I must admit honesty, that her work style is very personal, warm, wonderful and very helpful. Cathy is engaging fully in this what she does from email, a phone call to finding time to meet the candidate in person before front facet to face interview with Product Owner, Hiring Manager. She actually cares about company and candidate, although doesn't give false hope, what brings amazing, tangible, trust in the process of receiving the dream career. It was my pleasure to work with this forward-thinking Talent Recruiting Specialist, who always found time to bring the best and lasting solution to myself and my present company. She has the ability to think outside of the box what is so necessary those days, especially in the tech world. Her work ethic, time, effort and energy are to the highest standards. I do appreciate very much that she found me, reached for me, offered me her skills, time and work and linked me with my present role as UX/UI Designer. She inspired me to believe in my career development even more that I have already believed. Cathy helped me negotiated the best. She also checked how I feel and she still does. She boosts my motivation even higher than it was already. I am very grateful that through this process of recruiting I met so intelligent, youthful, creative, interesting, talented, trustful, honest, amazing person with who I personally now stay in touch. I received in this process of recruiting my desired career and valuable professional and personal friendly mate, which makes this recruiting very special to both of us. My Career gives me the ability to use all hard and soft skills and I even become a better version of myself. I feel so needed, accepted, appreciated, liked and comfortable in given UX/UI tasks with the responsibility of approaching, Scrum techniques and Agile culture, by directly working with Co-Founders, CEO, CTO, Developers, Graphic Designers, Marketing Executive in an international company based in Dublin and Cairo with clients in various countries. I highly recommend Cathy to be Manager of Recruiting Department in any company, what I must admit I highlight to her Director for which he was very grateful for. I feel Cathy would reach a very high level of career in the near future, because of her dedication to her work and her clients. Dear Cathy, Thank you, Cathy, for all. I wish you all the best in professional and personal life. Kind regards, Katarzyna UI/UX Designer

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