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Junior, Mid, Senior - which role should I apply for after UX/UI Design graduation?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Always ready to help as Mentor for every Mentees.

Umavanshi Kumari reached to me with her questions.

"What kind of roles should designers look for when they are starting out in the industry?"

Below is my answer as Mentor to help Mentees in finding the place to fit well and grow!

Depends on the previous experiences, work and studies. Younger just graduate Designers straight after school, should apply for Junior roles. Mostly recommended being in the well-established work environment so they can learn from the older colleagues, not only UX itself but also ethical working, values and mission, and the simple basic human-work strategy and mutual encouragement, etc. This can only be done well when Graduates will research well about the company. It is not about the size of the company (Startups, Small, Medium, Large) but about what the company's stands for. Older Career Shifters, UX Designers should always support themselves by previous background regardless of the area of business and apply for Mid roles if they feel enough strong with their UX Design understanding and ability to apply to the real scenario product and design by connecting their previous work experiences. Even a mother of 3, who she never ever worked before I will strongly encourage to apply for UX Design for example for a product relative to education, children nutrition, fashion, toys, safety etc. This depends on each individual and their personality characteristics. You have to be bold and confident to do so. When comes to graduates of UI Design, I would recommend Junior roles only due to misunderstanding quite often of basics as Typography, Layout, Visual Easthetcis, Colour, Hierarchy, etc. I would also recommend to join the larger team and learn from others. This also depends on previous experiences. Someone who previously works in anything relative to creativity even in the flower shop will have a better understanding of colour palette than previous account wh never ever dealt with any colours.

Previous Graphic, Web, Visual Designers can easily apply for Senior Roles. But also depends on their level of previous work experience and their own individual personality characteristics. Generally, the confident and strong designer can easily take ownership of the entire UX/UI Design process and apply to startups. Senior Graphic Visual Web Designers also can easily apply for Head of Design, Manager, Creative Directors Roles.

"What are UI and UX Design Roles in your Organization?"

Depends on the project, company, team and external 3rd party contribution. My role is leading and consulting startups ideas to execution.

In a larger team where I have joined roles are as follow from entry-level to the director position.

Junior, Mid, Senior, Lead, Head, Manager, Director.

In small companies often there is only Junior, Senior and Head of Design.

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