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"Laissez-faire" - does it exist in UX? It simply cannot do exist parallel. As UX Designer, you care.


If you want to be a Good Designer, you have to care and Laissez-faire doesn't apply regardless how would be easy to live by it, it is simply impossible in certain professions. Especially when Psychology and Creative Thinking and Solutions DO APPLY.


Laissez-faire - which means non-interference, non-repetitiveness, indifference to something, lack of interest, a certain philosophical attitude consisting in distance from events.

So now you know, why UX cannot go side by side with Laissez-Faire.

Probably is more like this philosophy and psychology below...

Those below books plus similar I read from age of 12 yrs old...and they screwed me for the rest of my life...Although that's a good screw up.😂

Meaning you care about others, life around and yourself and you have to judge to choose well.

Judgment is crucial to make the best choices possible.

And regardless how well you judge or you think you do, you might end up nowhere close to USERS!!!

As we want the same, but we quite often want to get there differently.

Lack of care is ignorance in filed of User Experience.

Your mind is like the city and the thoughts are like people inside your mind.

If you care about your thoughts inside ad your mind you are about your internal world which reflects the care of the outer world, the city and people living in the city.

Yoru thoughts create ideas in your mind. Those ideas should serve people

If you care about your own self-judgement and healthy judgement of the product which you designed, you wouldn't ignore others and you care about others opinions as equal to your own even if they can impact your product so much that it won't even look like your own.

To do that you have to be disconnect from the product as equally as connected to it.

According to most of the philosophical and psychological schools, no care attitude, detachment comes from life lack of connection due to obstacles and lack of fulfillment and union internal and external.

It is built on pain than joy. Pain comes from disconnection, joy comes from connection.

Pain is part of life, suffering is optional. Suffering comes from lack of forgiveness and to grow we have to forgive others, life and ourselves otherwise any judgment of your projects will trigger your points.


"To forgive yourself and others means to change your attitude, to replace the old, pathogenic programs of your consciousness with patterns of fullness, vitality and peace of mind." as written by Josephh Murphy

That's the breaking the code of any philosophy and psychology and to be professional at work, in any filed, you have to make judgments of your work to grow, to improve to perform better, to expand.

Otherwise, something always will trigger you and you will take personally not professionally or you will apply philosophy I do not care and that's not the way.

That time judgment is not directed to you or to your idea to put you down but to make good stuff for everyone. No need for many ups and downs, discloser syndrome as detachment is applied but not lack of the care. That's a huge difference.

There are switches in the mind.

Suggestions, especially negative may impact you so badly that reasonable mind won't be able to be applied.

The first thing which you have to understand while reading any religious, philosophy and psychological book with archetypes and metaphors that you have the exposition, not to specific scenes, adventures, dramas of others, but you have exposition to your internal spiritual and psychological drama which is happening in your own conscious mind of humankind.

All represented persons, events, places represents the stages of mindset.

If you DO NOT CARE and Detached you know down there that

"You know very well that the influence of this kind of thinking is very limiting, infusing with medicine, fiery and exaggeration. It also leads to jealousy and stupefies in many ways."

Because the natural stage of the human is to care.

That's the truth and "truth heals, lies breed disease."

Not caring about anything and anyone, including your work, projects, career is a lie and only provides you with a miserable life outcome.

It is to create "a man must also think to create his own world, the world needs the lofty ones, the noble ideas that heal, enrich and inspire humanity".

"The idea is the thought, mental concept, imagination and intention hidden in the human mind."

"You cannot live without peace, harmony, joy, love and kindness. This is your heavenly food. You need inspiration and you need to express yourself on a higher level and serve humanity with your talents. .

the ilooshphy as in the title is "such conduct is fatally dangerous to those who are not spiritually prepared for it."

What you wish for another becomes your own experience.

if you think about yourself like that, everyone will trample you.

Forgive yourself and hold up those negative thoughts.

They suffered for the joy they could still see on the horizon.

various attempts



they slipped at night and spent a lot of time talking to solve many complicated problems, but ultimately won and triumphed.

"the publisher of one of my books wished me to change some chapters, which I also studied. For his suggestion several times I felt joy = delighted. Of course, I suffered when it was necessary to rewrite new passages, but the book was finally accepted and became A bestseller. Currently it is published in many foreign languages. Sometimes you have to suffer to make the necessary changes in your life. "

but be careful not to deny what you affirm at the same time

To be fully healed, you must eliminate the cause.

"You will know that you have forgiven when you meet hostile people in your mind and this meeting will not evoke negative feelings in you."

Absurdity, grotesque, quirks, illusions, beliefs, philosophies, psychological analyzes have no purpose if they separate you from the world and people and from yourself.


And regardless, whatever happened / happens, program yourself to be connected, let your subconscious be aware of strange philosophies and how they inflect your mindest for years or even decade or a lifetime.

Because your internal higher self always protects you if you allow listening.

Certain philosophies as like a curse involving strange laws and life substitutes.

there is no good outcome if you disconnect even the sun has to go through crossover while coming through Winter solstice to the Summer solstice. We all have a journey no philosopher can be considered good and given to her if it amounts to harming.

Whatever has been contested by science or statistics cannot be used for real, even if the science itself may be wrong. Philosophies, often destroying, do not strengthen human bonds and relationships with life.

there are even people who still profess this way of thinking, especially in the new age trends. The approval of such beliefs leads the world astray, and so does your project.

"The only difference [between one substance and the other is the number and speed of electrons circulating around the cell nucleus, which confirms Ptagoras' belief that the world is ruled by number movement."

in any project, Movement is an intention, a thought, an aspiration and a number is a statistic for the benefit or not of the project itself ".

In a philosophy where there is no force, caring for the very intention to live, connection, there are no positive movements - intention, chicanen, or any result whatsoever, there is zero.

The victims of such systems are young people who do not have an idea of ​​wear and tear, are not stabilized in their beliefs and cannot grow in their profession. They become abivalent, nondescript as people and as designers.

"victims of their environment, various conditions and circumstances, heredity and social conventions".

Don't be constrained as a creative person, limited in any way to conditions.

Your philosophy will affect your status of professional growth. Please try to understand that you are here to be in charge of everything that you think and do.

To have people who care about your project and ideas and as well about your thinking and approach you can, not yourself live by pointless negative useless philosophy regardless how easy can be to apply to your life by living with attitude "I do not care, I do not mind, I would not get involved ".

As UX Designer you will get involved into PEOPLES USERS MINDS, and People are so different, and their opinions and feedback matters.

Otherwise, the product will not grow with users and their important impact.

So it matters how as User Experience Designer, do live in your personal and professional life, which approach of life do you choose.

As "the negative, destructive emotions that fill the subconscious mind cannot have a positive effect. Since they are negative themselves, they must bear destructive fruit in the body and in all dimensions of human life."

"Remember that only then can you talk creative when the suggestion elicits your answer."

Yoru answer is your life approach.

"For some external condition to affect you, you must accept the idea or suggestion."

So be careful what you accept in life.

"Suggestion in itself is powerless unless it triggers the creative action of the consciousness, which is nothing but the movement of its own thought. Creative power is therefore its own mind, so that this climber has the opportunity to reject all negative suggestions."

"You have to start hammering into your mind that the effects are not causative. The reason is always beliefs, beliefs, and mindsets."

"matter itself is incapable of acting, it is only the object of your mental influence."

"matter is simply energy brought to the visible level."

Thanks to your consciousness and subconsciousness, you create matter, the world of your own experiences, conditions of life and circumstances, so what's the point of not worrying about life if life itself is at the heart of the matter?

The only thing worth living is Life itself.

remove this lid of useless philosophies, useless life approaches from your conscious mind and start to live by caring what you do and for who you do it and how to do it.

Do it this way and do not tell anyone.

"Mind your own affairs. It will certainly help you a lot. Be sure that if you do not betray your company to relatives and so-called friends, you will not lose anything."

Your best friend is you, your healthy mind, the divine part within you, the cosmos, the god.

"A huge crowd of people is wasting energy that should be devoted to the implementation of new solutions, talking about it too much and prematurely."

"someone who writes a book just sits and writes. Then it publishes and only then talks about it, Don't talk so long until the results speak for themselves."

"keep your mind to yourself and don't talk until you jump."

"The last foolishness is to tell other people about your dreams, aspirations, plans and hidden desires. All this should be known by <only yourself and if you believe> God who lives in you. What you believe is true in the silence of your heart, spirit present in you will sustain, honor and bring about. "

If your idea for life is no care attitude, not get involved, you block the goodness, because you hold the incorrect feeling and at the same time you do not create the flow of natural human care of life, own self and others. You are giving power to the false philosophy of some idiots who create it and you implement something based on false, not truth.

there will be nothing designed, nothing created if we apply this philosophy of life. Do not ever worship a faulty from start ideological thinking which is the utopia.

None should have power on you expect yourself so do not ask how to live, start living with the natural flow inside you. Do declare to not be restful and throw the bitterness out of yourself and any philosophy like that.

Until you live by false your project will have no actual real impact.

DO NOT CARE Philosophy at work do NOT APPLY.

No success can be achieved by this approach.

The idea that is in my heart and mind is a gift. It is good in itself and even very good. This idea is in me to create something for the general good, for others, for life, and to bring it to fulfillment, the best care I can for this idea. give her life to be realized according to the energy she needs to exist.

If you want to apply a decent, proper philosophy, you cannot replace the philosophy of evil which, through lack of care, destroys everything, including itself. Every real, valuable true philosophy is a stifled momentary, but it will definitely recover in you and win your false attitudes to life. Why, because a false attitude blames you from the inside out.

You don't need to have a low level of intelligence to make a bad choice, we are all washed in the propagation of various short-term sick philosophers, ideas, for life.

Emerson wrote "we meet polarities or actions and reactions in every dimension," so if you want others to care for you, and also for yourself, if you want others to care for your portrayal, your idea should take care of you projects and about your own project.

"decide today whom you want to serve ..." (Joseph 24:15)

It is quite common that the thesis "when we are young, we have heads, but not minds" enters into the truth in the lives of young people, without any further involvement in life, may have an inappropriate approach to themselves and to life, and in this case also to work and the whole process of User Experience, Design Thinking, Scrum and Agile Methodology, and instead of feeling success, they feel successive flaws, because the nucleus of their ideas is embedded in a non-contradictory thought process.

"only in the Absolute there is no opposition, but this is a state of inexperience in our humanity."

It is not about a fight with those who profess such a philosophy, because if the fight is someone's basic figure, it will always be aimed at it, and it is not important here.

It is purely the objection that the purpose of life is to care as well as the purpose of work is to care, and this is the greatest principles of user experience to care.

"Those who claim that people are equal in terms of political, social, dynamic or whatever are just laughable. A mouse is not equal to a horse, a lamb cannot equal a lion. A small hill is not a high mountain, but a lake is a sea. In nature it has no equality between flowers, trees or stars. "

Thus, Philosophy, non-equality philosophy, user experience is not equal to other user experiences, maybe because some designers do apply innocent false thinking generally in life and that's why we have plenty crew up apps and website services, products out there on the market ...

Well, I leave this to you to comment, ask yourself and choose the correct thinking and start to actually care of your projects to make this world a better place, including to get your life in better shape and form.

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