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To RE-VISIT: The Tara Building - Review of Co-Working Space in D2, Dublin, Ireland 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Consumer Rights Law and GDPR do apply. Customer independent reviews are based on personal experiences and do varies from person to person. Experience matters, honest reviews too, that's how we all can grow as we all provide business, service or product. Professionalism matter.

Most of my reviews 95% are 5 or 4 ⭐ so well done for those who gets 5 (I love it) or 4 ( I like it) stars! 3 ⭐ review is also a good review, more neutral, means "It is OK".

Sadly, some places do need to get 2 (I dislike) or 1 (I hate). I do not like the "hate" word. But well, that's what Google decide. I am not fall in love with Google itself in everything what they do, but actually about reviews, I must say, I do value very much, what they do.

Leaving negative review it is risky, if you meet some unprofessional business owner, because on Google your name is visible, but because it is visible is trustworthy. But I decide to take this risk because my aim is to help businesses growth, to challenge them if necessary and to appreciate them. It is rarely happening that actually I do visit places or receive not so good service or I am not happy with the product. I bring more good by appreciating good stuff about those business and politely highlight what can be improve and/or should be change. However, every feedback is only based on individual experiences and should be always evaluated with other feedbacks.

I do believe as User Experience Designer that User Feedback is EVERYTHING.

More feedbacks from honest Users than better. I feel Google Reviews actually should pay Customers for every feedback they leave. That time every business will get a proper amount of feedbacks from everyone who ever use their services or get their products.

Also, I am graduates from the most recognisable and highly accredited Tourism and Hospitality Industry High School in Zakopane, Poland, and across many years I had been exposed to the highest range of hospitality. This industry teaches you a lot about customer care and service.

Constructive and honest, detail-oriented feedback from Users, Customers and Guests bring value to the business, organisations, companies, hotels, and off course to day to day technologies, which we do use.

Important: Feedbacks must be created to increase the potential of the business, service and product not to bring any harm.

However it is up to the business's owner if can receive the professional feedback well and do not take it personally. Unfortunately, if that's the case, this business is not able to actually grow and bring more traffic to their services, offline or online.

You can follow me on Google as Local Guide to find out what type of style of feedback do I have and what kind fo reviews I do give. 😊 See you there!

Check it out yourself, here you go: The Tara Building

Frontside of The Tara Building

The Interior Design

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