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The Social Dilemma

Are you ethical mature designer / user / consumer / human? If not and if yes, consider watching this: My short story 1st smart phone in late, very late 2015. Still have it. Samsung Note 5. Works well. Never need to upgrade. Got for cash. P.S.: Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok never got me - what is the fuse about ;-)? Facebook was so boring, and used mostly for business only - the yoga studio. When someone tagged me, I removed the option. This was fucking annoying.

I had account form the late 2010 till approx early 2014. Erase fully account few years ago already. Blissful feeling. Once the fake friend (about it later said to me, oh come on I have to post a picture with you as none would even believe me that you visited me. I denied the "offer". =D So useless female ex friend when I looked backwards. There was few female and male creeps instead of actually starting chatting/calling/emailing they prefer to follow me and check me out. Creeps. Out. There. Even. Your. Own. Friends. WATCH OUT! No longer stay in touch with those sick people. Even the creep Yoga Female Friends. My gosh. Housewife instead of giving attention to 3 small children prefer to scroll up and down while children are with their best friend - TV and Mobile Screen. No reaction when daddy is home. Better to follow a friend. Sick. Dirty. Unclean - I am serious Housewife. Always tired complain how life is difficult. Well, lots of scrolling those days. Sweat and swear. Instagram for design and art, never for personal crap. Never follow anything what is not about art or design. A good inspiration and motivation I must say. Good for my Hasnik Art and Design School Students. Never pay any adds, or buy anything directly from any social media. Do not pay attention to followers either. Mostly keeping photos for myself - my weird paintings or drawings collections or posters or cat sitting in the hair salon. That's all. Another fake social media ex friend, told me once, to make myself out there for Instagram as there is lots of competition out there. Jesus - save me.But what the fuck I was expecting to hear from someone whose married was and it is still kind of upside down but photo gallery is like National Gallery in London. :D If i could ever record the real conversation between husband and wife...well, well, this would be a show worth Late Night Show. Pass it. Ex friend. Enough bullshit stupidness. Pintrest - seriously, what is this even about? Total crap. I was addicted to What's App (2018-2019), especially the recording to one of fake ex female friends (that time real, but eventually recognise it was a fake selfish friend - for the next post). I considered this a deep shit episode with Whats App. I do not use it anymore. Few free calls with father and aunty. That's all for. I downloaded again for the chat group at my master studies. What I noticed after 3.5 months of being in the group that 0.02% is about studies. Rest is bullshit talk. I did compromise and in 2nd semester I will delete it. Deal with it students. They are not yet in industry of design. One day they might get me. What do we have there? Oh LinkedIn. Well, because of LinkedIn I have 6 figures dream career and I learn a lot from LinkedIn Learning courses, I also got direct clients and help lots of my students and mentees. That's the only platform which is useful currently. However watch your back as you might get addictive to it too. DO NOT EVER INTERACT WITH ANY POST WHICH IS NOT RELATIVE TO YOUR INDUSTRY AND DO NOT SOPEND TIME THERE ON SCROLLING FEEDS. Lesson learn after using few months while being peruse by recruiters. Oh and we have YouTube - temptation to music, yes, I do like it an dit is hell yes free! Blocking Adds everywhere. Middle finger to algorithms. Scrolling recommended videos. Well. Yes. Do not ever left any like or dislike. Once I shared thank you for super useful IT - Mac tip and once stupid fake post video blaming some Greta climate activities for eating rubbish food and driving Tesla. This guy consider himself true rebel journalist. I couldn't stand the stupidness of this channel. Delete it several times from mobile. But the music on the radio is crap if not classic. Too much adds, too much news. Do not follow any channel which do not relative to few subject which i am interested in and it is literally just few, professional usage.

Did I watch cat/dog cute videos? Oh yes. I was watching someone else cat instead of playing with my so that time, I realise something is wrong with me and those people. So I stop. Cat Coolio was delighted. B-) He and me are Cool! I like Shazam to find me the song which I like on those few selected radio stations when I drive and none talks radio bullshit adds. That time jump to YouTube (if not driving, after, just to make clear) and save the song What else is there?

Search Engine. Try - Ecosia - I do not like so much the settings. However I am using it on occasional occasions. Samsung internet search engine app -w hat is actually the name of it? I have no idea. It is quite ok when comes to mobile. Google search engine on mobile is crap shit because of those feeds, news, recommendations. Get rid of it. Do I like GIFs, memes? I have started in Teams. But also it is a waste of time. Make you laugh for few secs but before you find the "right" one, fucking hell, waste of time! Slack - sharing jobs offers and music, and selected links students, mentees and designers network on time to time special occasions. Oh Have I shared that I am 39 this year and I never have TV since 14 years old? But about this later on. Next post.

Can you be User Experience and Interface Designer and be ethical, mature, enough to use minimal apps. GPS Maps - no thank you, need to be in emergency - I am serious Oh have I shared that i drive without GPS, Google, Bing Map? Oh Yeah, I use my Orientation of Location Skill inside my Brain installed at my birth and I read and look street signs. SIMPLE. If i will use map location only if I am fucking really lost. Or well, I scroll window down and I ask. I do not walk and use mobile to find me where I want to go but I ask people. If I did few times, even recently, couple of months ago, it was just too crowded to ask. Some - what was that, oh yeah crazy Christmas shoppers and if I will be late I will pay extra fee for the laser hair removal at Urbana. MOBILE Can you never upgrade the phone? Yes, I never even had a proper protection I got once but it was made from silicon. Otter brand. Got dirty so badly that was not possible to clean it so I removed and only had screen protection. No any case. Samsung Note 5 is like a brick. Survive lots and no any scratch. Did a proper research before buying. Compare many models, and different brands instead of listening some sales dude at the store who is making profit on me and you while pushing the most crap models to customers. Tablet - only had WACUM for drawings and designs. Ages ago. Camera - well there was a time with Nikon D50, lamps, Leica, Fuji and Kodak, long before I ever heard about Instagram. About real photography next time. And how about Email. Well just business. Note Apps. - Any? No, everything is on the paper or in the computer - old school or in form of emails notes saved and categorised. Do I really need a Note App? I do not. Delete recently shopping online accounts: eBay, Amazon and bookstores, hunt office supplies and book depository. I never was really shopping there too. Literally few items over years. Have I recognise the dark patterns while trying to delete my user accounts. In eBay and book depository yes. Needed to be confirmed few times and even customer service tried to prevent me from doing it. Amazon was ethically designed. Good spot Amazon. Retail But I do prefer the online shopping with clothes on very rare occasions than in shops. It is more informative and less actually buying. Photos Do I take pictures of my Coolio Cat, not really. My neighbour does and he shares. They are pretty good. Do I pose to selfies? I am sure you know the answer already. No. I do not have or had selfie stick either. I also hurt few girls when they asked me which photo is better? I said all are crap as they are filtered. :D All right people. So weird world we live in. Stay Tune. #social #socialmedia #addiction #dilemma #twitter #facebook #tiktok #instagram #whatsapp #pintrest #youtube #ecosia #teams #google #samsung

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