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What, in your opinion, has been your greatest achievement, so far?

As UX/UI Mentor, my greatest professional achievement is to successfully mentor, support and encourage others so they achieve their career-oriented goals in the design industry.

As UX/UI Designer, my greatest important achievement is to provide excellent, high-quality agile and scrum methodology in leadership and seniority to design products and services across various industries including FinanceTech, InsuranceTech, MotorTech, LogisticTech, TravelTech, RetailTech, FoodTech, EducationTech, FashionTech, CreativeTech, MedicalHealthCareTech and WellnessTech over 16+ years.

My greatest achievement in my professional career is to be able found problems in existing desktop platforms and mobile applications, providing strategic solutions, creating growth design for a good change, and highly presenting new possibilities in designs to shareholders, Product Owners, Investors and stakeholders, CEO, CTO, COO, Project Managers, Software Engineers, Developers and Junior Designers while meeting Users and Market needs, preferences and goals to create User trust and increase companies profit.

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