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What we truly think about recent most famous icons design as Users and Designers...?😏

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Recent Famous Brands' Designers create not Icons but Candies. Below is the Users and Designers respond to the new era of another # create happy design of recent trend in XXI: sweet, cute, super positive, iced frosted, colourful candies meaning new trend in icons.

How long would it last this new sweet trend?

The post is all about having a bit of laughter so please take this with a pinch of salt. We are all in quite unusual time, and laughing and having a bit of fun, definitely releases any kind of stress and brings a bit of joy. Do not take it too seriously. And if you are very serious, or you are of the designer who makes those sweet candies icons, please skip the post. Or keep reading and maybe you even would like it. Who knows! Let's be brave and let's be authentic in writing. 🤓

Icons or Candies 🤔 ...? Designers recently became Candy Makers. A few packages of candies, please. 🍭🍬 This was one of many similar comments on LinkedIn. I couldn't stop laughing. 😂

Google you are here the leader!

To know amore about # create happy read previous post and here you have the link to it:

Creative Directors please wake up and get some candies in the shop not Apple or Google Store. We, Users do not want as you can see in the below respond, candies, we want clever, catchy design not the same as every other brand and product out there. 🤨It is getting boring and it is not even smart anymore in over crowded apps stores.

THINK, ASK, LISTEN USERS. PLEASE. OK 👌🏻 or maybe OK sign in this case as French would say means ZERO, nothing...?

Check those two posts (there are many similar reactions) by those two excellent Designers and other also excellent Designers responds. It got viral, well, maybe Google and others will wake up from Sweet Dreams as we, Users, are experiencing NIGHTMARE. 😬

Here is my respond below: Tagged and Directed straight to Google.

Google reviewed all posts but without any respond to the author. Well, Google ate too much sweets, we know that already...and now hides those kcal.

Well well, too much sugar Google, get some GREEN DETOX. 😁

Wish for Santa, instead of Sweet, Let Google start to create something for Users (ASK USERS Google) than for yourself only. Your brand matter but we, clients, matter more. 😉

GoogleGoogle CloudGoogle AdsGoogle Developers ExpertsGoogle for StartupsGoogle WorkspaceGoogle AdMobGoogle Marketing PlatformGoogle Small BusinessGoogle Nest Partners GDG (Google Developer Groups)Google Ad Manager Hey Google! I am curious, Advocate Personality so I read most of recent Users replies, probably 140 or more, part of learning process. Those replies are coming from your Users and also possible my Users. Question to you Google: Have you actually do Users Interviews, Surveys, Preferences Tests, Usability Tests & ask your Users what they need, want, like & dislike? Seems like you didn't as 95% of 140 Users simply provide you negative feedback.🤷‍♀️At least in this Users group.🤦‍♀️Google read rest of opinions, maybe the ratio at least will be half-half, but do you really care? That's the question. G stands for Giant, not generous anymore. Well, we all knew it anyway.😉I still will be using you Google but maybe with time, I find a better resources, because I feel Giant is making your Users Grumpy not satisfied. We don't need more grumpiness, we need more H2H, P2P friendliness, not just B2B, B2C. I feel you Google are still in XX era regardless your innovation. Next time ask. Manners in business do apply.😋

Here is another good one. 😆

And now it is time for chocolate, at least is brown not pink-purple-blue-yellow-red-orange-green....oh yeah, Let's get some M&MS or Smarties. 😂 Smarties would celebrate 100 in 2037, well Google, you might not survive with your current sugar consumption approach.

Here we go Smarties 🚀and let's not forget about another rainbow 🌈chocolate M&M's

Well, well, let me think maybe technology now it is owned by Nestlé and Mars...🤣


But about it, another time...time for a dark, 90% chocolate by niche local brand.

Let's get local! ALWAYS.

As I do like deep diving, I call those new - fresh - newborns - family - mates - local markets companies: Tropical Fish or Dolphins. 🐠🐬 🥰

They are indeed a wonderful gift 💝 to our hearts, minds, bodies & spirits! They swim bravely in the ocean of sharks. 🦈 I try to avoid them...

They might one day become wheals. 🐋🐳 ❤️

Please do! You care much more about our PLANET 🌎🌍🌏

and about US. PEOPLE. Then the PROFIT itself. Please stay that way!

Universe (read God) bless you that they do exist.

Here is my recent favourite

I do like their branding, website and products. 👏🏻 Yes, the chocolate is very tasty. VERY. 😋🍫



Otherwise too much candies in Icons Design makes me and others this: 🤢🤮🥴


SUGAR IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. Don't you know that?

Little Reminder before another candy icon design. :

DESIGN PROCESS: Think TWICE or EVEN 10 times. Ask Users. Listen Users. TEST.

Fingers Cross for something in different colours and shapes.🤞🏻

Here is my tiny respond. Still Humble.


Enjoy Sweets and Icons, and new upcoming trend in design.

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