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My name is Katarzyna Hasnik

Passionate about nurturing artistic expression and awakening creative calling in adults. I am an experienced Fine Arts teacher for students who are just starting or who already draw or paint regularly as a hobby. I specialise in instructing and guiding adults to express themselves, awaken forgotten skills, and discover buried talents by teaching them the necessary skills to embrace their artistic true selves in the realms of sketching, drawing, and painting. With a focus on various media, techniques, and art eras, I foster a creative environment where students explore landscapes including outdoor classes when weather allows, portraiture, and still life. My expertise extends to teaching design, including digital and printed pre-press, desktop publishing (DTP) production, and the development of artistic personal branding on social media, business cards, and websites.

My journey in arts education spans several prestigious institutions, including the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, where I earned a Master of Arts in Design for Change, complemented by a range of professional diplomas in design and Fine Arts and Visual Communication Design at the University of Trade, Bachelor Honours. In addition to teaching, my artistic journey includes participation in numerous collective exhibitions globally, with recent showcases at Howth Yacht Club Gallery, Institute of Art, Design and Technology, in Dún Laoghaire, and ArtExpo in Barcelona, Miami, Zurich, etc.
I am an active member of professional associations such as VIA, IAA (Visual Artist Ireland and International Association of Art), Drawin' Together, etc.
As a versatile educator, my experience encompasses teaching Fine Arts to children and adults including those with special needs, organizing workshops, and curating exhibitions. 

Committed to creating a supportive and inspiring learning environment,
my teaching philosophy extends beyond traditional art forms to embrace digital mediums, ensuring students are equipped with a diverse skill set in the ever-evolving art horizon.

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