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My Art Gallery

As a Fine Artist, I cooperate with several galleries worldwide. To see my newest artwork portfolio I direct you to my portfolio on ArtBoxy, which is an internationally known artist community established in Switzerland that shows my art in selected partner galleries worldwide, from Miami to Milan (see more in Exhibition & Event section in Artist's Bio). Also visit Saatchi Art which is a Los Angeles-based e-commerce platform that sells paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures, and other artwork from artists from across the world. 


See artwork in progress on Artist's Instagram by staying connected with the Artist's Creative Life.

Invest in the original timeless art which lasts for more than one generation by increasing its own value on the art market through decades. Be original. Buy the original art. None else has this masterpiece. It is just yours. Forever.

Katarzyna Hasnik



Please note: the fine arts portfolio subpage is in progress. 
Below are just sample images for a layout composition. 

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