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My experiences in Design, and also previous experiences in Customer Service, Logistics and even Tourism were very beneficial to come with the best UX ideas for the above Dispatch Dashboard and Map Smart Matching.


The entire new platform was led in my co-operation with the Founder, Product Owners, Stakeholders and 3rd Parties in a rapid time to meet Investors expectations and demanding niche market.

Spire Software, the successful Irish Start-up is highly recognised and approved by:

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Spire Software

Incident Towing Management Software

As the leading UX/UI Designer for Spire Software, Startup, I was responsible for the whole process of UX Research and UX/UI Visual Design to create a better Incident Towing Management Software, which includes:

  • Incident Towing Management System

  • Inbound Logistics | Information Retrieval 

  • Recovery Operations Control Centre

  • Inbound Logistics | Reporting & Invoicing 

  • ANS Connectivity

  • FNOL Insurance Claim

  • Data Quality Control Dispatch 

  • Dynamic Incident Type Forms

  • Instant Quote

  • Real-time job updates

  • Recovery Operative Mobile App 

  • Contact Centre Platform 

  • Reporting & Data Analytics

  • and more

Please note that the Spire Software website and platform is in the progress of completion.


However, you can see my successful UX Strategies as a Designer and more of the High-Fidelity Wireframes in presented Mockups.

Leading UX/UI Design of Spire Software, from
UX Research, across Fidelity Wireframes, to User and Functionality Testing, is the success for every UX/UI Designer. I am grateful that I had uplifted this platform in such a valid and short time together with my International DevOps Team.

We have achieved excellent results. 

Wishing Spire great International Success!

Kind Regards,

Katarzyna Hasnik

UX/UI Designer


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