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Public Speaker at Webinars and Events

Tech Expert in the Strategic and Innovative UX Researcher and UX/UI Design | Tutor and Career Mentor

  • 1 hour
  • Negotiable
  • In Person (Ireland, UK, EU) or Virtual Meeting

Service Description

Depending of Tech Industry Events and Webinars Invitation. Speaker at online or in person, on-site, local in Dublin, national in Ireland and international, global events. To Recruiting Companies, Talent Hunters, Newcomers: The age, material status, finance, education make no difference. The only difference is if you have the courage or you do not have it. We all have certain circumstances in life, and difficulties, which challenge us and we all have to take a risk regardless of them. Excuses, excuses, all kind of excuses. We all have them. But the truth is, life is one. It is better to risk and fail than never try and regret that you never took the opportunity to make the difference in your life. To Graduates: You took the path, straight from secondary school or after few twist in life and now what? Do you have everything that requires you to get to your dream career? CV/Resume, Portfolio, LinkedIn page, hard skills, networking, first interviews but how about personality traits, soft skills? Have you ever thought about it? What is your level of motivation every day to pursue your career dream? Do you have some regular healthy habits to motivate you or even better inspire you? Did you test Users, with your own portfolio pieces on your website? Have you asked anyone, what do they think about your CV? Is it read well, is it easy to understood and follow? Preparation Motivation Inspiration and why all of them are so important and what is the difference between being motivated and being inspired, which works better? Those importance strategies on daily life are not only to get you where you want to be but to maintain you all along and stay on the top of the game, to boost your energy and boost those around you. Speaking truly about life changes, the real game where errors are not erased but they are a great asset for upcoming levels of achievements. How to change the career at age 36 yrs old? and a few times before that? How to constantly expand and grow? How to stay motivated it? How to inspire yourself and others in your network? How to know what you want and go for it? On those questions and much more based on the life learning lessons I will honestly answer at motivation webinars and events. Previous motivation and career changes webinars took place at GemPool Recruiting Agency Webinar, two interviews for Career Foundry, interview for Career Karma and other Events and Meet-ups. Looking forward to be there for your audience.

Cancellation Policy

Payment is not refundable. Please contact by email to reschedule within minimum 24h.

Contact Details

00353 (0) 871640071

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