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UX Matters: Survey, Interview & Testing

Need a constructive and honest feedback on your UX/UI Design Project?

  • 15 minutes
  • From 20 euros
  • Depending on the service, In Person (Dublin, Ireland) or Virtual Meeting

Service Description

Do you have people around you who actually say what do they think? There is a tendency, that people, even those called "professionalists", will say what you like to hear, which is pleasant and just nice. If that's your world, contact me and let's answer your questions and give you honest feedback. Honesty is priceless and it is rare. It is a skill, which some of simply do not have and they will never have. Personality traits are like blue eyes or brown hair. You have them naturally or not. Honest feedback improve projects. By honest feedback, your project involves and grows. You learn and you expand. I am here to help you to become a better designer than you already are. But ask yourself, are you ready to hear? To give and receive honest feedback, you have to really professionalist and do not take anything personally. Because it is not about You, but about your project and mostly about your Users. Because we do not create for us, or even for the client. We create for our Users. In the end of the line, to really have made amazing products worth buying, Users are the most important part of design strategy. Ask. Ask. Ask and Listen. Let them speak themselves. Contact me by email: or directly on my LinkedIn and let's be honest to each other like none else before. The transparent honesty is part of Agile Methodology and I am walking advertiser of Transparent Agile Work Culture. Welcome to Agile.

Cancellation Policy

Payment is not refundable. Please contact by email to reschedule within minimum 24h.

Contact Details

00353 (0) 871640071

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